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5 Reasons to Get a Sapphire Engagement Ring

Pritesh Vegad
5 Reasons to Get a Sapphire Engagement Ring

Are you searching for the perfect engagement ring? Look no further than a sapphire! These stunning stones have been a symbol of faithfulness, love, and purity for centuries, and for a good reason. If you want something that stands out even more than a traditional diamond engagement ring, why not consider a sapphire engagement ring? Not only is it an attractive alternative to ruby rings, but there are also many other reasons why you should consider a sapphire for your engagement ring!

1. Durability

When it comes to durability, sapphire is one of the toughest materials around. In fact, sapphire is one of the hardest minerals on the Mohs Scale, making it highly resistant to scratches and wear and tear. This makes sapphire ideal for jewellery, watches, and other items that need to stand up to everyday wear and tear.

Sapphire is so durable that it is often used in military and industrial applications where strength and resistance to wear and tear are essential. For example, sapphire is often used in drill bits, saw blades, and other cutting tools where it is exposed to high levels of friction and heat. Additionally, sapphire is used in many optical and electronic components as it is highly resistant to scratches and abrasion.

In jewellery, sapphire is one of the most popular gemstones due to its durability and beauty. Sapphire rings are popular for everyday wear, as the sapphire’s strength means it can withstand everyday wear and tear without losing its lustre or brilliance. Sapphire gemstones are also used in watches and other items that need to be resistant to wear and tear.

Sapphire is also popular for its scratch-resistant properties. This makes it ideal for use in items that require a high level of protection from scratches and abrasions. For example, many luxury smartphones and tablets are now manufactured with sapphire screens and covers, as the sapphire is highly resistant to scratches and other damage.

2. Variety

Sapphires are one of the most beautiful and diverse gemstones, with various cuts, colours, and sizes. So whether you’re looking for a unique piece of jewellery or a stunning stone to add to a collection, there’s a sapphire to fit your needs.

One of the most popular varieties of sapphire is the round-cut. This cut is ideal for creating classic and timeless jewellery pieces, with the majority of sapphires available in this cut. You can also find cushion-cut sapphires, which feature a more rounded shape with a softer look. Finally, the oval and pear cuts are a great option for something more unique.

Sapphires come in many colours, from blue to yellow and even green. Diamond and Blue sapphire rings are the most popular and the most sought-after. These gems come in various shades, from light to deep blue. The amount of iron and titanium in the stone determines the colour of a sapphire. Yellow sapphires are also popular, as they can provide a beautiful contrast when paired with blue sapphires. Green sapphires are the rarest variety, and they can look stunning when arranged in a piece of jewellery. However, If you’re looking for a romantic, timeless and unique way to make your proposal extra special, look no further than a pink sapphire jewellery engagement ring!

The size of sapphires can vary greatly, with small stones measuring just a few millimetres in diameter and larger stones reaching up to several carats. The size of a sapphire is determined by the number of inclusions or imperfections that it contains. The fewer inclusions a stone has, the larger it is likely to be. Sapphires are truly versatile gemstones with various cuts, colours, and sizes. So whether you’re looking for something classic or unique, there’s a sapphire to fit your needs.

3. Affordability

Sapphire engagement rings have been a popular choice for couples for many years. Not only are they stunningly beautiful, but they are also surprisingly affordable. While diamonds may be the traditional choice, many couples choose sapphire engagement rings for their affordability and unique look.

Regarding cost, sapphire engagement rings vary in price depending on the size, colour and clarity of the stone and the type of setting. However, compared to diamond engagement rings, sapphire engagement rings are usually much more affordable.

Finally, sapphire engagement rings are a great option over other gemstone engagement rings. While many gemstones can be comparable in price to sapphires, they can also be more expensive. For example, rubies and emeralds are typically more expensive than sapphires, while amethyst and topaz can be less expensive.

4. Heirloom Quality

When it comes to engagement rings, many brides-to-be opt for sapphire rings due to their beauty and durability. Sapphires are precious stones that can last for generations, making them ideal for heirloom-quality engagement rings. Not only do sapphires have stunning beauty, but they are also very hard and durable, meaning they can be passed down for generations with very little wear and tear.

Sapphire engagement rings offer several benefits in terms of longevity and quality. First, sapphires are the second-hardest gemstone on the Mohs scale, making them resistant to scratches and other damage. This makes them ideal for engagement rings that will likely be worn for many years. Additionally, sapphires come in various colours, allowing you to choose a ring that perfectly matches your style.

Another benefit of sapphire engagement rings is that they can easily be passed down or resold. Since sapphires are made to last, they can be passed down to future generations as heirloom items. Additionally, if you ever decide to sell your ring, the sapphire stone will retain its value, meaning you can get a good return on your investment.

5. Versatility

Sapphire engagement rings are perfect for versatile, stylish, and timeless jewellery. With its striking blue hue, sapphire is a popular choice for engagement rings and wedding bands. Not only is it a durable and hard-wearing stone, but it’s beauty and unique colour make it a timeless and elegant choice.

The versatility of sapphire engagement rings is often overlooked. Not only can they be worn as a traditional engagement ring, but they can also be used to create stunning, unique looks. For example, they can be paired with other gemstones, such as diamonds or emeralds, to create a truly eye-catching piece. They can also be set in various metals, such as white, yellow, rose gold, or even a combination of the three.

Sapphire engagement rings can also be styled with other pieces of jewellery. For example, they look great when paired with a sapphire necklace, bracelet, or diamond earrings. They can also be worn with other rings, such as diamond or pear-shaped ones. This allows you to create a unique look that reflects your style.


By choosing a sapphire engagement ring, you’ll be sure to create a lasting memory with your special someone. With its beauty, durability, and historical significance, it’s no wonder why so many people are choosing sapphires to commemorate their special day. Don’t wait any longer – find the perfect sapphire engagement ring today!

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Pritesh Vegad
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