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Software Development Process: The Complete Guide

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Software Development Process: The Complete Guide

The software development life cycle (SDLC) consists of 6 main stages. These stages or steps are an integral part of any new software development

So, let’s jump in to understand each step.

What are the 6 steps of software development?

Step 1 – Planning and Analysis

The first stage consists of two distinct parts – planning and analysis.

The planning stage of the development of software process involves gathering information from the clients and stakeholders about the requirement, expectations, and budget.

The analysis stage involves the evaluation of the feasibility of the project with the given resources on the stipulated budget.

Since each business has unique needs, the requirements, features, and budgets of similar SDLC can vary significantly. You can use a cost calculator to receive a near-accurate estimate for your software development project.

Step 2 – Design

During the design phase, your software development team will chalk out the basics including the system design, templates, platforms and frameworks, and programming language.

It will involve the development of a prototype and a pre-production version of the software for you to consider.

Step 3 – Development

Development is a multi-step process. The software development company begins the coding and final design work according to the client's feedback.

Development is the most critical step of the software development making process. The top software development company in India begins the design and development steps almost simultaneously.

It saves time and resources and allows the team to begin working on the code with enough time for quality assessment.

Step 4 – Testing

No SDLC is complete without testing. Whether you are looking at the top software development company in the USA or India, make sure they include rigorous QA and testing in their SDLC.

When you are looking for a high quality software development company near you, make sure they follow –

·        Performance testing

·        Functional testing

·        Unit-testing

·        Security testing

·        Usability testing

Step 5 – Deployment

Once the final software version is tested and all its kinks are smoothened out, the software developer company will plan with your team regarding the deployment or launch of the software.

It is up to you whether you want a mass release or a canary release. Your software development team should be able to guide you through the software development methodology including deployment strategies for maximum views and downloads.

Step 6 – Maintenance

The responsibility of a good software development company doesn't end with the deployment of new software. You should ensure that the company takes care of your software upgrades, bug fixing, and OS upgrades.

How to Find a Good Software development company near me?

You can always ask Google for a list of software development companies near you. Or, you could search for something along the lines of “Top Software Development Company in the USA" or "Software development company in New York."

You will get a long list of at least 20 companies that offer software development services. The real problem is choosing the right company.

So, here’s how you can do that –

1.   Get referrals and recommendations from people

2.   Check the company reviews and testimonials

3.   Explore the software programs they have developed

4.   Ask for a quote from multiple shortlisted companies

5.   Choose the one that meets all your requirements

6.   Never compromise the quality for cheaper rates.

Should I Work with a Software development company in New York?

Numerous experienced teams are working on software development in New York. Many software development companies in NY are working on global projects. However, none of their services are cheap.

You can definitely choose to work with a software development company in New York if you have the budget allowance.

How do I Find The Top Software Development Company in India?

Outsourcing software development needs to Indian software development companies is a smart move. Indian companies not only charge less, but many of them have the right experience for quick and state-of-the-art software development.

Before outsourcing your needs to any of the Top Software Development Companies in Pune, you should consider the six points mentioned in the previous section.

How do I Get in Touch with the Top Software Development Companies in Pune?

When looking for “Top Software Development Companies in Pune” on Google, filter the results by rating. Try to shortlist at least 5 companies with a minimum of 4.0 and up rating.

Next, visit their websites and take a look at their portfolio. If there is a list of available clients, talk to them for direct feedback. A software development company with happy clients is what you should be seeking.

The ideal company keeps open two-way communication channels with their clients and considers their feedback during the design and development process.

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