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3D Printing in Mumbai

Chandra Brijesh
3D Printing in Mumbai

The 3D printer and 3D printing markets in India have been growing steadily. Both individuals and enterprises in Mumbai contribute hugely to the consistent growth of the Indian 3D printing market. Enterprises across sectors invest in 3D printing machines and materials to become a part of Industry 4.0.

Likewise, students, hobbyists, and researchers have been creating new use cases regularly by leveraging 3D printing in Mumbai. At the same time, many individuals and enterprises save costs and overcome skill constraints by availing of 3D printing services.

But every user explores ways to reduce 3D printing time and cost without affecting the quality of 3D-printed parts. That is why; both individuals and enterprises in Mumbai look for opportunities to form partnerships with the right 3D printing company or startup.

We are making it easier for you to form and sustain relationships by comparing some of the companies and startups that make 3D printing products and services to customers in Mumbai.

Companies and Startups Making 3D Printing Accessible in Mumbai


The design center of Aurum3D is located in Bangalore. But Aurum3D has been providing online 3D printing services to both individuals and enterprises in Mumbai. The company currently provides 3D printing, 3D designing, and 3D scanning services to customers across India. You can partner with Aurum3D to produce parts using three widely-used 3D printing technologies – FDMSLA, and SLS.

The expertise of the company can be determined from the fact that it has designed more than 1000 3D parts for enterprises from the automotive, aerospace, medical, defense, manufacturing, and engineering sectors. Many enterprises in Mumbai form partnerships with Aurum3D to reduce time to market without escalating project costs.


3Dwalla is a Mumbai-based 3D printing company. It has been providing 3D modeling, 3D designing, 3D printing, and rapid prototyping services to clients across sectors. You can partner with 3Dwalla to create a CAD model and convert it into a tangible part using a variety of 3D printing technologies – FDM, SLA, SLS, and Polyjet. Also, 3Dwalla produces parts using your choice of 3D printing technology and based on the CAD file shared by you.

Time To 3D

This Mumbai-based company has built a reputation by providing rapid prototyping services to companies in the engineering, healthcare, consumer goods, entertainment, and architecture industries. You can partner with Time To 3D to produce prototypes and parts using FDM, SLS, SLA, DMLS, or MJF 3D printing technology. Hence, you get customized 3D printing services according to varying project needs. Also, Time To 3D helps you produce prototypes despite having no CAD file.


Tesseract3D is one of the companies that supplies 3D printing machines and provides 3D printing services simultaneously. The Mumbai-based company helps customers convert ideas into tangible parts by supplying 3D printing machines, materials, and accessories.

At the same time, it has been producing parts and prototypes for clients in the automotive, aerospace, architecture, medical, robotics, and jewelry industries. Hence, you can consider building a partnership with Tesseract3D to 3D print various parts as well as outsource 3D printing projects.

Melting Mints

Melting Mints allows customers in Mumbai to purchase 3D printers or get 3D printing services. You have the option to choose from several 3D printer models provided by this company. Also, you can use the 3D printer efficiently by buying filaments and spare parts.

At the same time, Melting Mints converts the 3D model uploaded by you into a tangible part using 3D printing technologies. The company allows you to pick up the 3D-printed part or get the 3D-printed part delivered to your address.


Imaginarium 3D-prints over 2500 parts every day for clients across 40 industries. The Mumbai-based company has built a reputation by providing new-age manufacturing services to companies in the healthcare and jewelry industries. You can produce parts using 40 industrial 3D printers by partnering with Imaginarium. Also, you have the option to produce parts using popular 3D printing technologies like SLS, SLA, Polyjet, DMLS, and Multi Jet Fusion.


This Chennai-based 3D printing company has branches in several cities, including Mumbai. 3Ding makes it easier for customers to leverage 3D printing in Mumbai by providing multiple options. You have the option to buy a 3D printer or rent a 3D printer.

Also, you can choose from a wide range of materials according to the precise project needs. At the same time, you can partner with 3Ding to produce parts by getting FDM, SLS, DMLS, or MJF 3D printing technology.

Clarity 3D Printing

In addition to providing 3D printing services, Clarity 3D Printing sells 3D printing machines and materials. You can produce parts or prototypes by buying the right 3D printer and filament from the company. At the same time, you can produce parts without investing in hardware by availing of the 3D printing services provided by Clarity 3D Printing. However, the Mumbai-based company requires you to divide a large model into smaller parts. Hence, you have to integrate the small 3D-printed parts to produce a large model.


Despite being one of the prominent Industry 4.0 technologies, 3D printing is still in its nascent stage of progress in various regions in India, including Mumbai. Many enterprises and individuals prefer saving time and resources by getting professional 3D printing services.

However, a surge is being noted in the number of users buying various 3D printing products. Hence, you should focus on partnering with a company or startup that helps you leverage 3D printing in Mumbai by meeting your precise needs and predefined goals.

Chandra Brijesh
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