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10 Best ecommerce marketing strategies

Adam Wilson

Are you just starting up with your ecommerce website? If yes, then you must be wondering what is the best way to establish your brand in the market. Launching an ecommerce website is a task but making it successfully reach people is a more tough task. Therefore, it is important that you invest in the website marketing strategy. 

For any business in ecommerce, it is important to stay updated with marketing trends and techniques. In this blog, we will give you the best ecommerce marketing strategies that you can utilize for your ecommerce website.  

Table of content:

What is ecommerce marketing?

Best ecommerce marketing strategies:

Final words

Ecommerce marketing strategy FAQ’s

What is ecommerce marketing? 

E-commerce marketing refers to the marketing efforts put in the direction of promoting the online store and increasing sales. The primary purpose of online marketing strategies is to get new customers as well as retain existing ones. 

  • There are many benefits of ecommerce digital marketing, such as:
  • Brings more traffic to the website
  • Expands audience reach
  • Convert website visitors into customers
  • Retarget customers

Best ecommerce marketing strategies:

1. Create original content 


Content plays an important role in creating an impact on the audience. Therefore, it is the best ecommerce marketing strategy. Creating the best and original content can help you get the attention of your target audience. 

Try to write impressive and compelling content that makes users want to know more or click on the website. Remember, there is a thin line between compelling content and forceful content. Don’t over-exaggerate things but keep the content engaging. 

What to write?

Now, you must be thinking about what sort of content to write. Well, it is easy. You should start by writing informative content on your main website pages. As an ecommerce website, it is crucial that you write about your different products. Let people know how your products are different from others in the market and their features.

The bestsellers and category pages are good to intrigue the interest of your visitors. You can explain the utility of your product and how it can help your users. Add FAQs at the end of the product descriptions to answer some basic questions of your visitors. Additionally, you can add blog posts and articles to attract new website visitors. 

2. Optimize your ecommerce website


Once you have executed your website redesign, it’s vital to know if it’s performing up to the mark or not. To ensure that your user experience is smooth, you should see your website from your customer’s perspective. For knowing if your CTAs are placed appropriately & there is no confusion, you can use WebMaxy heat maps. 

WebMaxy heatmaps can help you know where your users are clicking and what they are clicking. You can discover the elements of your website which are getting noticed and which are being ignored. The brighter area indicates the highly clicked areas, whereas the dark area indicates the less clicked area. However, various tools follow different color guides.

With WebMaxy, you can also set up conversion funnel analysis. You can create funnels on your different pages to analyze how your visitors navigate through your site. This way you can know which pages are reaping results and which are not.


You can also watch the WebMaxy recording sessions to know exactly the actions that your visitors take on your website. It can help you understand where they are leaving the website and what their drop-off points. 

ecommerce digital marketing

Knowing this information, you can improve your users’ experience and increase your conversion rates. 

WebMaxy Analyzer’s free trial and cost-effective plans are good to start with for optimizing your ecommerce marketing strategy.

3. Content Marketing


For an ecommerce website, it is vital to have compelling and engaging content to bring in customers. There’s no other marketing method that can get you an inflow of consumers as content marketing can. Not only do you have to produce original content, but you have to ensure that you are adding value through it. 

Content marketing is especially aimed at driving customers to the business and enhancing business growth. Make sure that you just don’t bore your audiences with the same old type of content. Try experimenting and offering different types of content.

As per the statistics, people tend to pay more attention to visual content than long-form content. According to a report by MDG Advertising, 94% more viewers on average are attracted by content containing compelling images than without images. 

Therefore, you must try to include different types of content posts ranging from informative images to videos. However, make sure that your content marketing cost doesn’t go beyond your marketing budget.

In case you want direct feedback from your customers, then use the WebMaxy survey feature. You can conduct different types of customer satisfaction and feedback surveys with it. There are many survey templates with expert-suggested questions that you can utilize and launch directly. 

website marketing strategy

From the customers’ feedback, you can know what type of content they like and want to see more. Apart from that, you should also keep Pareto’s 80/20 rule for marketing in mind. It states that you should post 80 percent informative content and 20 percent promotional content.

Posting too much promotional content can piss people off, and they might unfollow or unsubscribe. Also, you should try to post trendy content as it helps to capture the attention of people quickly.

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4. Social Media Marketing

ecommerce website

Social media marketing is the best ecommerce strategy as it enables you to communicate and engage with your customers directly. Nowadays, most people are active on social media. By utilizing social media platforms, you can target your prospective customers easily.

Try to create an active presence on social media to exhibit to your customers that you are easily reachable. Not only that but reply to the comments and queries of your customers on social media. 

Personify your brand so as to build the trust of the people. Maintain a strong brand presence and authority in order to create a strong impression. 

Additionally, it is important that you evaluate your marketing channel performance. You can do so by utilizing a web analytic tool like WebMaxy Analyzer.

  • WebMaxy Analyzer can aid you in optimizing your website in the following ways:
  • Funnel optimization
  • User session recordings
  • Heatmaps and scroll maps

5. Email Marketing


Email marketing is a popular ecommerce marketing strategy that you can use to reach your target customers effectively. However, to get better responses, you must personalize your emails. 

Ensure that your email content is relevant to your targeted prospects. Try to include as much detailed information about your business and the newly added products or features. You should try to pique the interest of your potential customers through emails. 

Additionally, you must keep track of your email marketing analytics to see how many people are opening your emails. You can also try A/B testing to see which email type or design is receiving the best outcome. 

6. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is among the most important website marketing strategies. For driving traffic to the website it is essential that you keep up with the recent Search Engine Optimization(SEO) standards. 

Updating trendy and relevant content along with a good UI/UX plays an important role. You should make sure that the content within your website is relevant and provide reliable information to the visitors. 

Make sure that you write content related to your product/ services. You can provide detailed information and elaborate on your different services. Try including as many keywords as possible in your content, as it can help rank your website higher on the search engine. 

7. PPC advertising


Pay-per-click advertising is listed as the top digital ecommerce marketing strategy. For any PPC advertising campaign, the advertising, the offer, and the landing page are the essential elements.

You must ensure that your advertising is captivating and the offer is good enough for the viewers to click. Your landing page must align with the advertisement and the offer so as to lead the visitors through the conversion funnel. 

Try using keywords in your advertisement, as it might help them to rank at the top of the search engine results. Keep your landing page clear and free from distractions or confusing designs. A landing page is the best place where you can talk about your product’s benefits and applications. 

8. Personalization

Nowadays, customers have become the central focus of the ecommerce industry. Therefore, it is important that you stand out from your competitors in the market. Providing the best customer experience is the key to acquiring new customers as well as retaining previous ones.

Personalization is a recent digital marketing ecommerce strategy that is proven to give results. People love to hear about themselves, so if you bring a personal touch to your content, it might help to attract your prospect’s attention faster.

9. Retargeting

When a customer visits your website, then the chances are they might be interested in your product or service. However, it is not necessary that they’ll always make the purchase on the first go. 

Retargeting is an effective technique that you can use to target your customers who have visited your website or clicked on the ads. You can run a retargeting campaign based on the elements people have clicked on or browsed products. 

This is an effective way of reminding them about your brand. While retargeting, you can give discounts or offers to increase the chances of purchase. 

10. Optimize website for mobile

Recent research shows that people use their mobiles more than PCs or laptops to visit an ecommerce website. Therefore, it’s crucial that you optimize your website for mobile as well.

Ensure that your website UI/UX works properly, even on mobile devices. You don’t want a customer to get disappointed and exit your website within seconds. A good responsive website that functions properly across different devices can help you offer the best customer experience.

Final words 

To keep up with the market, staying updated with the latest ecommerce trends and strategies is vital. You can improve your customer reach by utilizing various ecommerce marketing strategies that we have given above.

Apart from that, you can get information about your website and detailed insights using a web analytics tool. WebMaxy Analyzer is a user behavior analytics tool that provides an in-depth analysis of website visitors. 

You get a wide range of features such as heat maps, live session recordings, surveys & polls, funnel view, and user insights. Schedule a call with our experts to learn more about WebMaxy Analyzer, or email us at [email protected]

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Maximizing your online sales potential: Innovative ecommerce marketing strategies.

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1.    What is ecommerce marketing?

ecommerce marketing refers to the marketing efforts made to drive awareness and traffic to the ecommerce website. There are various platforms used for ecommerce marketing, such as social media, content marketing, email marketing, and search engines. 

2.  What are the benefits of e-commerce marketing?

There are many benefits of ecommerce marketing, such as,

– Increases brand awareness 

– Boosts website traffic 

– Builds customer trust & loyalty 

 Improves the conversion rate 


3.  What is an e-commerce marketing strategy?

An ecommerce marketing strategy refers to the tactical plan used to promote the online store in the long term. It should be made after comprehensive market research and analysis to bring forth the best outcomes.

4.  What strategies can we use to maximize our ecommerce marketing efforts?

ecommerce marketing strategies can help you to reach an expansive audience and boost revenue. The best ecommerce marketing strategies that we can use to maximize our ecommerce marketing efforts are as follows:

– Content marketing 

– Search Engine Optimization 

– Social media marketing 

– PPC campaigns 

– Email marketing 

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