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How Augmented Reality Can Help Your Mobile App Stand Ahead of the Competition?

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How Augmented Reality Can Help Your Mobile App Stand Ahead of the Competition?

Have you ever tried to fit furniture in your room or to trail specs via an app? If yes, then you are already experiencing the fascinating world of Augmented Reality.

Ever since the use of Augmented Reality on Pokemon Go, the market has seen a rise in the use of AR for mobile apps. While the other cutting-edge technologies were hogging the spotlight, AR managed to become mainstream displaying a strong potential to help different industries.

According to Statista, the global Augmented Reality market is estimated to rise from $3.5 billion from 2017 to more than $198 billion U.S dollars in 2025.

Though AR is still in the development stage, but an early adaptation and implementation can make your mobile app stand ahead of the competition.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is the technology that expands our view of the real world by adding layers of digital information onto it. Basically, this technology offers a picture of the real environment with superimposed computer-generated sound, images, text or videos changing the perception of reality.

 Benefits of AR 

This unique and noticeable technology comes with an array of benefits that is changing the mobile marketing in a big way. As AR comes with an opportunity for personalization, so it comes with various advantages for different industries.

  • AR app generates twice engagement from the viewers
  • It increases engagement and interactions that’s offers a rich user experience.
  • Increases the value of products and brands
  • 50% of consumers said they are more willing to buy from a brand that gives AR or AI.
  • AR exhibits products in a personalized way
  • From trying apparel or to placing furniture, it helps in visualizing the product in a real environment.
  • Be ahead of the competition
  • As a brand, you get detailed analytics that enables you to understand the audience interest area and engagement.

Five essential steps to consider for every AR app project: 

  1. Know your audience

Thinking about the industry and your target audience is the first thing to do. Understanding the taste and preference with the change in location and age group or profession are some of the crucial factors to check. For instance, while targeting the young audience, you need to focus more on visuals and content briefing in an interactive way.

  1. What’s your intention?

Find out your purpose for developing an AR app or integrating it into your mobile app development. You can let your audience experience your products or services over the virtual platform for the better trail. Here, defining the intention of developing an AR app plays a significant role. You need to be clear about your need for integrating such new technology at the top of your list before development.

  1. Get flawless UI/UX

Talk to the app development company, sit with them, and discuss your intention and how you have researched on the target audiences. A thorough discussion helps them to develop a flawless UI/UX copy. Decide the correct procedures and activities that a user will be directed to perform to use the mobile app. Here building an MVP can also aid towards better development.

  1. Be unusual with ideas

AR and VR are relatively new technology to integrate on mobile applications. However, it comes with a wide range of opportunities to experiment. Keeping in mind the purpose, you can be more creative and innovative to submerge more audiences. Engaging more audiences will gradually increase the popularity of your AR app.

  1. Go for real-time testing

Once you have completed the development part, and planning to launch your AR mobile app, let testing be the priority. You need to test from a user perspective. From even navigation to the easy interpretation of contents, ask your development team to check it thoroughly. Also, regular testing will help you to identify the errors and fix them by making it more user-friendly.

Things to remember for sustainable growth with an AR app

  • Identify better ways- Check for problem areas and see how you can make customer’s lives more relaxed with your AR app.
  • Keep it simple- Recreate motions and behaviors that customers are routine to make your app feel intuitive.
  • Retarget users- Don’t lose users, instead lure them with notifications to come back.
  • Work on actions- Take advantage of in-app messages to direct users to do specific things while operating AR functions.
  • Improve your app- Analyze data and see which features & functionalities users are liking or disliking to improve your app.

Over the coming years, a fantastic array of devices will come out. AR/VR is accelerating at a considerable pace; we are hoping to see more improvement in this field.

Let us know your view about the AR app development!

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