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How to choose a digital publishing platform?

How to choose a digital publishing platform?

When you’re ready to start digital publishing, it can be challenging to choose a platform. Because there are quite a few options out there, we’ve put together a five-point guide to help you choose the digital publishing platform that’s right for you.

First, answer a few simple questions about your basic publishing needs. Next, consider the features that are important to achieving your goals. Then review the audience access that your publications will require and other key platform elements like languages. Finally, look at plans and prices to see which digital publishing platform is the best fit for you.

Let’s dig in!

  1. Basic needs

Begin with some simple facts about the content you will be publishing online.

How many documents will you want to publish?

Which types of files will you need to upload?

What size are your files?

Will your online publications be for internal or external use?

What kind of display do you need (flipbook, slide or scroll)?

  1. Features

In addition to transforming files into HTML5 publications, you may also want to take advantage of some of the great features online platforms can provide. But remember, the specific features that will matter most depend on your objectives. For example:

Do you plan to embed publications on your own website or blog?

Will you need to include interactive links in your publications?

Is customizing the viewer with your own branding important to you?

Do you want readers to be able to download your publications?

What kinds of viewership statistics do you need?

  1. Audience access

Another major factor to evaluate when you choose a digital publishing platform is content access.

How many times can you share your publication?

Can you configure protected subscriber access for your publications?

Are multiple user profiles available for your account to make teamwork easy?

  1. Other aspects

Although publishing basics and features are essential, it’s worth keeping a few other aspects of working with the platform in mind.

For instance:

Is the site available in your language?

Can you get fast, helpful support when you need it?

What kind of flexibility does the platform offer via API access?

Choose a digital publishing platform

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