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Pro Makeup Tips by the Best Makeup Artist to Get that Desired Look

Pro Makeup Tips by the Best Makeup Artist to Get that Desired Look

Want to get ready for your best friend’s wedding but don’t have much time for dolling yourself up? Don’t fret; makeup artists in Bhubaneswar provide you with certain tips that can take your skin tone to the next level. They are totally worth trying for. So, whether you are an amateur or a pro in makeup, these makeup tips are a life savoir. By learning about these hacks, you can up your game and get ready for the party in some moments.

Conceal Those Spots

Concealer is an excellent makeup product to hide those dark circles and spots of aging. You can even get cover those panda eyes by using this trick. Instead of putting the concealer under your eyes, draw upside down triangle under the eyes. It will simply draw attention to the pupils. Plus, the hack will brighten the skin under your eyes and cover your flaws. Either do it yourself or call for the best makeup artist in Bhubaneswar.

Find an Accurate Match for YouFoundation

A wrong foundation shade can mar your overall look and create a mess. So, colours test the base makeup products before using it on your face. It is an easy way to find a perfect match for your face or neck colour. You should usually test your hands and arms to confirm any allergic reactions. Testing on the face and neck will help you get the best shade.

Moisturize the Face

Moisturize the face because it will give you a flawless base for applying makeup. It further prevents cracks and lets your makeup last longer. Also, it locks the moisture of your skin, makes it look radiant and plump, and keeps the makeup in place.

No Lipstick Stains

Smiling with lipstick stains is so weird and embarrassing for you and others. You can get rid of those unwanted stains by puckering up the lips. Take a thumb, put it inside the mouth, and pull it off quickly. Don’t let it find its way to the teeth. It wipes the lipstick from your face and gives you the confidence to smile. Now, you are ready to shine and dazzle.

Add Volume to Hair Lashes.

After putting mascara on your eyelashes, dust them with loose powder. The hack adds volume to your hair lashes, and they start appearing thicker. After that, you can apply a mascara brush to your lashes and let the eyes talk.

Certain Precautionary Measures

With so many makeup creams and products available these days, it is natural to get confused about what to use and how to use it. These are some preventive makeup measures that bridal makeup artist in Bhubaneswar recommends.

Ensure that You Buy Hypo-allergic Products

The hypoallergic products are dermatologically tested and won’t cause harm to your skin. You can do the skin test to affirm the same. Apply the product on your forearm and test whether you are allergic to any ingredient like its materials, fragrance, preservatives, nickel, etc. You will come to know if any product causes an allergic reaction.

Don’t Share Makeup Products.

It is a big no, and you should never share makeup products. The eye makeup products, brushes, eyeliner, and lipsticks should never be shared. Cosmetics are breeding grounds for bacteria, and we could risk contaminating ourselves.

Remove the Makeup Carefully.

Once the party is over don’t straightaway head to the washroom and use water to remove the make-up. Go, slow and steady. Eyeliners, Kohls, tend to enter the eyes. So, remove it gently with cotton before washing the face or use alcohol-free make up remover to remove the eye makeup.

Don’t use Much of Kohl’s Eyeliners

Though they are a staple part of Indian households but a few know the danger associated with them. It can damage our eyes and cause infections.

Check the Expiry Date

All cosmetic products come with an expiry date. Make sure you check them before using them, as they could be fertile ground for bacterial growth. As a best makeup artist in Bhubaneswar, Lopamudra often suggests to check the right expire date of any cosmetic products before going to use that.

Contact Lenses

If you wear contact lenses, wear them before applying eye makeup and take extra caution while removing them from your eyes. In case of inflammation, redness, grittiness, blurring, or discharge, consult the ophthalmologist immediately.

Final Thoughts

Wedding season has already knocked on our doors. And this season, we all want to put our best foot forward and look beautiful. These simple makeup hacks from the makeup artist in Bhubaneswar will aid you in that. However, you need to take care of the cosmetic beauty products that you use for the makeup day. The blog has also entailed some makeup tips that will help you protect your skin and eyes. Look beautiful in your special day with the best makeup artist available Bhubaneswar at Gorgeous Brides by Lopa, and call +91 9861247499 for an appointment today.

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