Seven Fun Games to Train Your Brain


Your brain is just like any other organ or muscle in your body – you need to use it well to make sure it stays fit. Just like you’d go to the gym to keep your body in shape, you also need a ‘brain workout’ from time to time to keep your brain fit and healthy!

Feel like you’re forgetting things far too often? Can’t seem to remember what you just learnt? These are some of the signs that tell you your brain needs a good workout. Generally, your brain gets a lot of stimulation from interacting with other humans. But the pandemic changed that and made a huge impact on all our brains. Now that life is finally resuming its normal pace, how do you bring your brain back to the fittest version of themselves? How do you avoid your brain to avoid falling into a “pandemic fog”? For your brain to be sharp and in shape, it has to be exercised just like any other muscle in our body. But how can one work a body part that can’t exactly be moved? With a workout that’s far more fun than a gym session – through games!

Yes, GAMES! You read it right! Brain-training games can help people of all ages enhance mental function and delay mental ageing. But which games exactly and how do they even help? We’ve got the deets!

Let’s Get ‘Brain’ Gaming! 

Games don’t just entertain us but educate us as well. Can’t crack a particular subject? There’ll be a game to help you understand it better. Browse through your Playstore and you’ll find games on a variety of subjects that you probably didn’t cover in school, including world history, cooking, politics and architecture. A lot of these games can actually serve as an excellent workout for your brain! 

Regularly playing video games may improve brain connections and increase grey matter in the brain. Children who played strategy-based games even displayed an improvement in problem-solving abilities, which led to an improvement in their academic performance.

While the right brain is more creatively inclined, the left brain is thought to be better at logical thinking. Puzzles and games like Sudoku are excellent for exercising the left side of the brain.

Ready to start getting smarter through play? Download these games on your phone today!


If you read newspapers regularly, you’re bound to have come across the number puzzle known as Sudoku. Here, you must fill a grid with the numbers 1 to 9, with each number only appearing once in a row, column, or grid.

Sudoku encourages players to think critically and come up with solutions, which helps enhance problem-solving abilities. It necessitates continued attention and focus, which can boost concentration. Sudoku requires players to recall techniques and the locations of the numbers on the grid, both of which can enhance memory.

It is a logic-based, combinational and placement-based game that can be played whenever and whenever. And it’s not just a stressbuster – it actually sharpens your analytical thinking and attention abilities. Attempt the daily Sudoku in the newspaper or download an app that lets you play it on the go. 

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