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Drum Spill Trays: Their Types and Uses

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Drum Spill Trays: Their Types and Uses

Drum spill trays are a crucial piece of equipment for preventing accidental spills of dangerous compounds from contaminating the environment. They can keep a large amount of liquid to stop it from seeping into the ground or polluting adjacent water sources. They are made to catch any spills or leaks from storage drums. A drum spill tray, also known as a spill containment tray, is a type of secondary containment that stops contaminated splashes and spills from occurring.

Drum spill trays are available in a range of forms, sizes, and materials, but they all have the same function: to offer secure containment for barrels holding hazardous compounds. In this post, we'll go over the several kinds of drum spill trays that are out there, their advantages, and how to pick the best one for your particular need. Smaller barrels and containers store well in these trays. They are compact and lightweight, fit into tight spaces, are sturdy, clean up easily, and work with most liquids.

Drum Spill Tray Types

Spill trays made of polyethene

Drum spill trays most frequently come in polyethene varieties. They are constructed with a tough, high-density polyethene material that withstands most chemicals and corrosion. Furthermore, lightweight polyethene spill pans are simple to carry and transport.

Metallic Spill Trays

Heavy-duty steel is used to make steel spill trays, which are built to support the weight of many drums. They are perfect for commercial and industrial environments where toughness is a major concern. Steel spill trays are appropriate for storing a variety of hazardous items since they are resistant to the majority of chemicals.

Pallets for spill containment

Several barrels can be stored on spill containment pallets, which also offer more security against leaks and spills. They have a large liquid capacity and are composed of sturdy materials like steel or polyethene. Pallets for spill containment are perfect for storing hazardous products on a big scale.

Drum Spill Trays Environmental Protection Advantages

Hazardous chemicals cannot leak into the ground or contaminate neighbouring water supplies thanks to drum spill trays. This promotes environmental protection and guarantees that dangerous items are controlled and disposed of correctly.

Cost reduction

Drum spill trays can help you save money over time by avoiding expensive cleanups and penalties for environmental issues. Also, they shield your drums from harm, which may cost a lot of money to fix or replace.


Drum spill trays shield consumers and staff from contact with dangerous substances. Also, they assist in preventing spill- and leak-related slips and falls, lowering the possibility of accidents at work.

The Best Drum Spill Tray to Use

There are a number of things to take into account while selecting a drum spill tray, including:


Any spills or leaks that could happen should be able to be contained by the spill tray's capacity. Choose a spill tray that has a minimum capacity equal to the biggest drum being kept.

Material The spill tray's material needs to be appropriate for the hazardous contents being kept. The majority of chemicals may be placed in polyethene spill trays, whereas more corrosive substances should be placed in steel spill trays.


Choose a lightweight, portable solution, such as a polyethene spill tray, if you regularly need to transfer the spill tray. A more robust solution, such as a steel spill tray or spill containment pallet, may be more suitable if the spill tray will be stationary.


Be cautious to take into account any applicable rules governing spill containment and hazardous substance storage. Some types of spill trays are required by some businesses and are subject to particular spill control rules. To make sure you get the proper spill tray for your unique needs, take into account the capacity, material, mobility, and restrictions while making your decision. A high-quality drum spill tray may help you save money and preserve the environment for many years.

Plastic drip pans

In order to contain spills and drips from many sources, including machinery, appliances, and cars, plastic drip pans are a handy utility. These pans are composed of a solid and long-lasting plastic material and are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours. They are a need for everyone who wants to keep their house or workstation tidy and organized. Plastic drip pans are mostly used in automotive and industrial settings. 

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