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What Ford Engines To Avoid And How To Buy The Right One

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What Ford Engines To Avoid And How To Buy The Right One

Ford is one of the most beloved car brands in the world. But this also means that although there are many hits from Ford’s side - we just can't ignore the misses when it comes to car engines. Especially if you’re thinking about buying a new Ford, it's time you learn which of their engines are great choices and which ones you should avoid altogether. 

So, why wait? Read on to learn about the TOP 5 diesel engines you should avoid from Ford and tips you can use to buy the right Ford engines for the best driving and reliable experience. 

TOP 5 Ford Diesel Engines To Avoid 

The Ford's top 5 diesel engines to avoid are- 2003-07 problems with Powerstroke started

  1. 6.0L & 6.7 Powerstroke: These engines have a pretty bad rapport of failures and clogged oil coolers. People have also reported some blown-out gaskets over the years and this is why this engine is on the top of our list for its bad reliability rating.
  2. Ford Super Duty 6.0L: These engines are most likely to be available in the market as not a lot of people have brought them compared to other engines. This is due to its lack of power and torque. It’s pretty apparent Ford has engines with better performance in their line than this one.
  3. Ford Ecoboost Engine: Due to a bad design issue, this engine is very likely to get damaged sooner or later. The way it's built makes it hard for the coolant to stay in the engine for long and there are most likely leakage issues.
  4. 7.3L Engine: Even though Ford has improved upon the workability of this engine significantly since it was first launched, it still has reported some issues with its wire connectivity. This causes ignition issues in cars and causes engine starting problems.
  5. 5.4L 3 Valve V8: It is mainly known for its issues with the fuel pump. There are some issues with the workability of the fuel pump over time and it's easier for debris to collect over this engine and stop it from working overtime. 

In conclusion, these engines are known to be the worst-performing engine from Ford due to customer complaints. But Ford didn’t stop there, they have constantly improved their engines since then. Now, let's move on to how you can buy the right Used Ford engines you can buy today.

How To Buy The Right Ford Engines 

Here are 5 quick tips to get yourself the right Ford engines:

  1. Reliability: Most Ford engines are known for their reliability so you’re in good hands. The most reliable ones of the lot are known to be the V8 Turbo DieselTurbodiesel engines which are great for long-term workability and good performance.
  2. Mechanically Tested: Don’t buy any new engines if they haven’t been mechanically tested for their performance. Especially, if you’re Buying a Used engine for your already-brought Ford car. Buying from a good company is important, such as usedengines.us, which is a great option for affordable used engines that have superior performance.
  3. Good Mileage: An engine that can’t economically save up some fuel for your car while driving is a useless buy. A long-lasting engine will almost always have good mileage and can drive long distances easily. So it's important to pay attention to that.
  4. Full Warranty: If you’re buying an engine with a warranty, you can always go back to the company and save a lot of money on unwanted repairs in case something goes wrong with your engine or you need a replacement.
  5. Powerful: An engine that has good power will make the horsepower and torque of your Ford significantly increase. Your car won’t work properly for a long time if the engine isn’t powerful enough. For you to accelerate with ease and have good drivability, make sure your engine is powerful before you pick it for your Ford. 


Ford is a great brand, to begin with, but there are some engines that are a miss. It’s important to avoid buying low-performing engines as per bad customer reviews. Also, keep in mind the 5 most important tips we’ve mentioned above before buying any Ford engines. 

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