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6 Most Common Causes of Leakage in Roofs!

6 Most Common Causes of Leakage in Roofs!

Improperly driven nails –

Aside from the reasons mentioned above, one of the most prevalent causes of roof leaking is when a roofing nail backs out of a shingle. They can't cause a problem if the nail strikes good wood, holds tight and snug, and isn't overdriven, whether air-nailed or hand-nailed. If a nail is not driven far enough or sideways, the head of the nail will work its way back up through the shingle.

This is true not only for roofing nails used on shingles but also for decking nails. If the decking nail doesn't hit the wood after the framework is finished, the sun will pull it out through the shingle. No one gives roof leaks a second thought until water-damage stains appear on their walls and ceilings. Evidently, you have a huge leak in your roof if there is water pooling there. The damage caused due to leakage in the roof might be irreparable and much outweighs the expense of the roof repair in Long Island. So, a leaking roof is never a pleasant experience because it wastes both time and resources.

To assist you in minimizing the likelihood of roof leaks, we've compiled some of the most common causes below.

Improperly installed skylight –

Roof leakage can come from improper skylight installation. In this case, a contractor either made a measurement error or used fragile sealing materials. Due to excessive rainfall and strong winds, the material used to seal the skylight may deteriorate or wear out in some circumstances. This is why water dripping around your skylight is common, especially during heavy rainfall.

Clogged gutters –

Clogged gutters can cause not only roof leaks but also basement flooding. The accumulated water might escape through the roof, causing cracks. That is why gutter cleaning is so important in the fall. You can clear out your gutters with a variety of tools. A hose can help remove leaves and other debris, but tools such as a blower and a power washer can also help.

Poorly sealed valleys –

Improper installation of the roof valleys can be the origin of roof leaks. That's why you must always work with an experienced roofing contractor who knows the proper measurements and good sealing materials. However, heavy rainfall and built-up ice dams can corrode the sealing material of your roof valley, causing water spots along the seams of your roof.

Broken shingles –

This is one of the most common causes of roof leaking and the one that most people think of first. Shingles are easier to identify since they are immediately evident. It is strongly advised that you check the shingle's integrity whenever a major storm with heavy winds happens.

Cracked vent booting –

Lastly, the origin of your leaking roof can also be due to cracked vent booting. A cracked vent booting can result from a decaying roof or a missing flashing. Roofing contractors can often use flashing to seal the vent booting around the openings. You can notice a cracked vent booting by checking out for the dark spots around the walls. Apart from this, the leaking area can also feel musty.

So, mentioned above are some most common causes of roof leakage concerns that you should take care of. If you are looking for a professional roofing expert regarding roof repair services in Long Island, your search can conclude with Quick Roof and Siding. Call (877) 524-2159 now to schedule your appointment with their experts regarding your roofing repair services!

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