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How To Connect a Brother Printer Wirelessly? [Top 3 Methods]

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How To Connect a Brother Printer Wirelessly? [Top 3 Methods]

There are a lot of reasons you will need to hard/ factory reset your Brother printer, like if your printer is not responding or you’re having any difficulty in connecting with your device, or many more other reasons. We will discuss the reasons why it is required to reset your Brother printer. There are a lot of ways you can factory reset your Brother printer. In this blog, we have discussed step by step three methods how for resetting Brother printers. So let us start the blog and discuss how to reset your printer, but before that, we discuss why we need to reset the Brother printer. Visit at- Visit at- brother.com support.

Why Do We Need To Reset Brother Printer?

There are many reasons you may need to reset your Brother printer. Some of the reasons to reset your printer are as follows: 

  • If your Brother printer is not responding correctly 
  • When you’re Brother having any difficulty connecting with your device 
  • When Brother software shows any errors 
  • If your Brother printer is turning on and off automatically

You may get rid of all the above issues after the hard reset if you’re facing any of the above problems from the list.

Steps To Reset Your Brother Printer To Its Default Settings

  1. First of all, remove the interface cable for resetting the network. 
  2. Then go to your Brother’s printer control panel and press the Menu. 
  3. After that, by using the navigation keys on your Brother printer, click on Initial Setup and then on OK. 
  4. Then again, using the navigation keys, click on Reset and then on OK.
  5. After that, choose the reset function of your preference using the navigation keys on your Brother printer and then click on OK.
  6. Then, if you want to reset all the settings, press 1, and if you will not make any changes, then press the 2 key.
  7. If you have pressed 1, then you click on option 1 again to start the printer resetting process, and if you don’t want to do so, then click on option 2. 

And finally, your Brother printer is finally set to default/ factory settings. 

How To Reset Brother Printer To Default Settings Using The Software

  1. Open your computer’s browser and go to the official website of Brother, “support.brother.com.” 
  2. After that, search your printer model in the search box and click on the Search option. 
  3. Then you will see a list of available drivers for your printer on your screen. Choose the driver from the list according to your operating system and then click on OK.
  4. After that, follow the on-screen instructions to download the software. 
  5. After that, open the file you have downloaded and follow the on-screen instructions to install the software on your computer. 
  6. Then, during the installation, go to the “Management Tool List” by scrolling down and clicking on BRAdmin.
  7. Now to factory reset, run the BRAdmin, and then click on your printer’s model name to reset. 
  8. After that, go to the Control menu and click on the Network Configuration.
  9. Enter the password if your printer asks and click on OK.
  10. And then finally, click on the Factory reset from the control menu. 

Important Note: Once you have reset your Brother printer, it cannot be undone in the future. But before performing the hard reset, create a backup for your important documents to achieve it. Visit at- brother Printer Support.

Reset Your Brother Printer Using The Hard Reset

Follow the following instructions to reset your Brother printer using the hard reset method: 

  1. First of all, power off your Brother printer and then unplug the power cable. 
  2. Before moving ahead, make sure to shut every corner and lid.
  3. Now reinsert the power cable. 
  4. Then on your printer’s control panel, press the Go button for a few seconds.
  5. While you’re pressing the Go button, also press the power button.
  6. Wait until your Brother printer gets completely powered on. 
  7. When your printer is powered on, release the Go button.
  8. Wait until your light indicators become stable and start to turn off.
  9. When your light indicators are activated, press the Go button six times. 

Finally, you have hard reset your Brother printer to the default settings.  

Final Words

Moving towards the end of the blog, in this blog, we have discussed step by step how to reset the Brother printer using 3 different methods. You can follow any method, or if you’re facing any problem, you can try multiple methods together. We hope you got the resolution for your issue.

Source Url- how to connect a brother printer wirelessly

Logapp Mcafeeproductreviews
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