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Residential Solar Solutions | elitesolargroup.com.au

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Residential Solar Solutions | elitesolargroup.com.au

The sun provides an endless source of energy, and a solar system harnesses this energy to produce electricity your home can use.

Residential solar solutions empower you to save money on your energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint and help curb greenhouse gas emissions. Choosing a solar company can be challenging, but Charge Solar makes it easy.

Solar Electricity

Solar electricity is a great way to reduce your home or business's energy bills. You generate your own clean, renewable power and save money by selling the excess electricity back to your utility company.

Whether you're looking for a simple grid-tie system or an energy storage system with batteries, our team can help you find the right residential solar solution to suit your needs.

The first step in any residential solar installation is to calculate how much power you need. You can do this by analyzing your monthly energy statements or by asking your utility to give you an estimate.

Once you know how much power you need, you'll be able to determine the number of panels that you need to produce enough electricity for your home or business. You'll also need to choose the wattage of your solar panels, which is typically either low wattage (150W) or high wattage (360W).

Solar Lighting

Solar lighting is a great residential option for many reasons. It’s a renewable energy source that can provide lights for any area, and it’s also a green option that reduces your electric bill over the life of the lights.

Solar lights are available in a variety of styles, including motion-activated and timercontrolled. Motion-activated lights automatically turn on when they sense movement and help conserve energy, while timer-controlled lights let you specify exactly how long you want your light to be on.

The right lights for your project can make all the difference. Your local solar lighting specialist can recommend a system that’s right for your space and needs.

From small, low-wattage systems for driveways and pathways to high wattage fixtures that illuminate roadways and parking lots, solar lighting solutions are available in every size to fit your needs. They’re available in custom designs, too, so you can get the exact lighting you need for your unique project.

Solar Hot Water

A solar hot water system uses the sun’s energy to preheat or heat your home’s supply of water. This can significantly cut your fuel bills, since you don’t use traditional fuels to warm water.

Solar hot water systems are also designed to work in a variety of climates and locations. These systems include a storage tank, which is typically placed at ground level or in the basement and a series of solar collectors.

Some solar systems require a conventional backup tank to function during cloudy weather or high usage, but many systems can be used alone. Some ENERGY STAR certified systems can provide up to half the home’s water needs.

Some solar water heating systems rely on gravity to move antifreeze fluid and water through the system, while others use controller pumps. Active solar systems are much more efficient than passive systems.

Solar Backup

Solar Backup is an essential part of any residential solar power giving you the peace of mind that your home will stay powered when the power goes out. It also helps you get closer to off-grid status and can help you control your energy costs, especially in areas where electricity rates vary with the time of day.

It allows you to fill your battery with excess solar power from your panels, then keep it charged for use when there is no sun or when your electricity usage increases at night.

It can be used as a stand-alone solution, or you can connect it to your grid (PDF) for additional benefits and energy savings. Battery systems aren't always profitable in areas with high variation in electricity pricing, but most Mainers install them to maximize their tax credit savings and take advantage of peak demand rates.

Elite Solar
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