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How to Improve New Patient Acquisition in Medical Aesthetics

How to Improve New Patient Acquisition in Medical Aesthetics

It's not difficult to see but are you aware of that it is one of the best and most efficient ways to increase the size of your company? It's not only about great marketing or making improvements to you financial strategies--although they are both important. However, another important part of growing in cosmetic medicine is acquiring patients.

Engagement of patients is essential for any medical aesthetic practice regardless of whether the economy is in a slump or not. From the first contact to the new lead management Let's talk about what you should be aware of to ensure a positive patient experience.

Make Patient Experience a Priority

The experience of the patient shouldn't be treated as an afterthought. Even if they're calling or knocking on your door doesn't mean they'll remain loyal customers for ever. You must make them earn it! Initial request, consultation and the process of recovery must all be refined. Here are some methods to improve the patient experience, which we'll discuss below:

Mastering the Initial Contact

Making the first contact with leads is essential to increase your practice's conversion rate for patients. It could be the only time that a leads comes in contact with your company. Therefore, you must make sure your experience is warm, informative and relaxing!

Optimizing Patient Flow

Understanding the flow of patients is essential to establish relationships with potential patients and giving the information required for the leads to convert. The flow may include praises for the doctor and practice as well as the overview of the procedure, ballpark price ranges, as well as the potential time frame.

New Lead Interactions

It's helpful to consider thinking about the new lead interaction as the first indication that a client--similar to getting estimates on a renovation project or looking at a car at the dealership, or swipe right on an app for dating. It's not a guarantee however there is a chance for this interaction to develop into something exciting.

"New lead" refers to the "new lead" specifies the first time a practitioner gets a call from a patient who is new. New leads may come from platforms like social media advertisements or referrals, word of mouth, or through direct calls to the phone. But, the majority of new leads come from websites, forms, and phone calls.


Here's a different definition to remember: "Speed-to-lead." In medical aesthetics, it's the time at which a potential client's request or inquiry is answered by a company that offers cosmetic treatments or services. The quicker your speed-to-lead rate your business, the faster you will become the first choice of a potential client.


"Auto-calls" turn form submissions into calls from within. It is possible to impress potential patients by contacting them in minutes instead of hours and possibly get leads that you've earned before they reach out to competitors. Clinics that utilize an auto-calling platform are able to benefit from a significant increase in the speed of lead generation, and could boost the conversion rates.

Lead Management

Lead management is the process of tracking the new leads and their locations have been in sales. There are numerous platforms and tools that can assist businesses in capturing leads they receive. For instance, Nextech offers a lead management software designed specifically for medical aesthetics practices.

Master Initial Contact

Now you have a prospective client calling you. What's next? Here are some best techniques to prepare for the initial meeting and increase the quality of patient care in the field of medical aesthetics.

Friendly Greeting

The first telephone call will be the only contact that a client will make when they contact your company. Make sure that you or your representatives smile when speaking to leads. Also, the tone is crucial! Telephone conversations are defined as 18% of the words spoken and 82% are determined by the tone of voice.

Here are a few quick tips for phone etiquette in medical aesthetics patient acquisition:

  • Answer the phone in a couple of rings.
  • If you must put the customer on hold, make sure you get permission.
  • Do not place a caller on hold for more than 60 minutes.

Take the Lead

Being the leader is a crucial element in the first contact with a new inquiry from a patient. It is important to act as a guide for the initial phone call to establish the patient's requirements and the ways your practice can assist them.

Patients who are new to the practice will usually have lots of questions when they call your office. It is common for this to derail conversations and lead to an answer-and-question game. You must ensure that you are in control of the conversation by asking the right questions and leading the conversation to a consult appointment. Here are a few examples of questions you can ask:

  • What did you learn about us?
  • What is the timeframe you plan to use for your process?
  • Have you ever experienced similar procedures previously?

Educate and Engage

Engaging and educating the new leader is essential in establishing an open line of communication between your office and patient. Below are five steps that you can take to establish your patient's expectations, distinguish your practice from others and establish confidence with the new client.

Establish relationships: Building rapport with new patients in the field of aesthetics involves being respectful, attentive and knowledgeable. All and making them feel appreciated and valued and heard. Remember the patient's name and repeat it often!

Share your doctor's and practice awards: Sharing doctor and practice awards or distinct selling features (USPs)--with the new client in the cosmetic industry is about emphasising the unique skills accomplishments, experience, and achievements of the doctor as well as the practice. Sharing USPs will help establish credibility and trust, as well as distinguish your practice in a highly competitive marketplace.

The procedure should be explained in chronological order: Make sure to explain to your patient an overview of their procedure, beginning with the steps they need to take prior to the procedure, and the outcomes and advantages of the procedure, as well as the estimated time to recover.

Provide a ballpark cost of the range A ballpark-based price estimate can help establish the expectations of the patient. It also reduces the time spent by as the patient and doctor by giving the patient the ability to decide whether the procedure fits feasible within the budget of their.

Discuss the timeframe: Finding out a patient's timeline for a procedure in the initial meeting helps set expectations to organize and plan the procedure, offer flexibility and define the priorities. This will improve the experience for patients and improve the satisfaction of patients.

Schedule the Consult

Congratulations! You've got the patient to your door! However, there are two more steps to follow once you're prepared to make an appointment with your client:

  • Examine the timeframe.
  • The consultation process can be explained either in person or online.
  • Confirm deposit readiness.
  • Choose a time.
  • Choose between 2 positives "Were you looking for the first available time or did you have a particular day and time in mind?"

Get Help With Patient Acquisition in Medical Aesthetics From Skytale

After you've learned about increasing the number of new patients in the field of medical aesthetics, we are interested in knowing: What aspects of the first encounter do you believe your practice is doing well? What are the areas you believe you could improve?

Skytale Group is here to aid med spas to grow their business, establish partnerships, gain insight into their financials, and many more. We can also assist you in developing that new approach to acquiring new patients! We invite you to contact us if you'd like to continue the conversation .

If you've got medical spa customers in your thoughts Take a look at these keys to an effective med spa membership program .

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