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Introducing Polymerize Connect: The Ultimate Solution for Chemical R&D

Introducing Polymerize Connect: The Ultimate Solution for Chemical R&D

Polymerize Connect is a comprehensive cloud-based data management platform that acts as a bridge between researchers and their experimental data. This platform ensures that the information is organized, accessible, and secure. With Polymerize Connect, project owners have a real-time 360-degree view of their projects and work orders, enabling informed decisions based on desired outcomes. Our cutting-edge technology brings scientists, researchers, and business users together to plan, execute, and manage complex research initiatives.

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What is a Data Management System (DMS) and a Cloud-based DMS?

A Data Management System (DMS) is a software system used for the creation and management of databases. With DMS, users can create, read, edit, protect, or delete data in a database. The rise of cloud technology has led to an increase in interest and excitement in the tech industry.

A Cloud-based Data Management System (DMS) allows users to share resources and exchange information on devices located in different locations, all connected through an internet connection. The number of these cloud-based DMS is expected to grow in response to the increasing demand for information sharing among multiple stakeholders to foster a collaborative research environment. And as infrastructure becomes more available, these applications will become more economical with even higher returns on investment. According to research and industry surveys, there has been a significant increase in outsourcing DMS tasks to third parties who can provide the services at low cost.

DMS in Polymer Science

The field of combinatorial chemistry, sustainability goals, and high-throughput experimentation has revolutionized the discovery and functional applications of materials in both academic and industrial settings. The result of this increased material discovery is a large amount of experimental data that requires management, organization, analysis and storage.

In the polymer industry/polymer science, there is a pressing need for a chemical and polymer-specific data management system to meet the diverse information requirements of the field. A flexible and standardized polymer data management system is required to meet the diverse needs of users. With the development of computer networks, distributed systems and databases, and workstations, there will be additional challenges in populating and managing data across systems and departments.

To address these challenges, a collaborative and workflow-driven data management system is required that can accommodate diverse use cases and be customized. Polymerize Connect aims to solve these challenges by standardizing unstructured data from multiple sources. In fact, Polymerize Connect can significantly increase R&D efforts by providing a powerful data management system that can be used across various domains, including paints, adhesives, rubbers, specialty chemicals, textiles, automotive etc.

Polymerize Connect offers unparalleled benefits for R&D operations. Our platform boasts purpose-designed features that transform experimental data into insightful information that will help in decision making.

Some of its key benefits are:

Handling Complex, Diverse, and High-Volume Data:

Research institutions often face challenges with the complexity, diversity, and volume of data. Our dedicated data management system minimises human error, enhances resource efficiency, and ensures the production of quality results. It provides a seamless ecosystem for handling demanding data.

Data Transparency:

Projects frequently require collaboration across multiple teams, which can lead to poor data handling and human error. Polymerize Connect maintains logbooks and assigns a hierarchy of ownership to overcome these issues. It also prevents accidental errors and provides full transparency to all team members, ensuring they are aware of any modifications made.

Data Security:

Sharing data across teams can be risky, particularly given the complexity and sensitivity of data. Loss of crucial data is also a major concern with scientists. Polymerize Connect establishes effective administrative, preventative, and detection controls to ensure proper access to the database. It features data encryption and security policies integrated at the data and application layer, adhering to the highest security standards and protocols.

Polymerize Connect offers a custom workflow for research needs, including:

Agnostic Database:

All your historical data can be imported without changing the format, saving you the effort of cleaning or modifying it.

Data Provenance:

Our platform provides full control over data, with detailed logs kept for each stage, progress, or modification of data. Any data can be traced back to its origin.

Data Analysis:

Allow your database to speak to you. Our platform helps you analyze and extract valuable insights or even discover new and hidden relationships. It offers all the functions required to streamline your R&D operations.

Team Collaboration:

Polymerize Connect enables more effective collaboration with distributed teams by creating a virtual workspace. Users can send files, comment on experiments/processes, and work on various workflows, enhancing productivity and fostering seamless collaboration.

Our robust data management solution converts research data into valuable assets, integrating all your projects, formulations, spreadsheets, and experimental data into one secure platform.

Our built-in visualization functions allow users to explore and analyze data for deeper insights, expediting research and development. Our system can accept all your data as it is, with a hassle-free post-processing difficulty.

With a diverse customer base across industries such as chemicals, polymers, paints and coatings, rubber, food packaging, textiles, and other material industries, Polymerize Connect is designed to drive data-driven decisions in any environment.

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