Cremation Ashes: Things You Can Do with It


Losing a loved one is never easy, meaning you must let go. And doing that is not easy for anyone. So, how can you peacefully let go of your loved one? Cremation ashes help you do that.

Cremation ashes, also known as cremains, are the remains of a person's body after cremation. Cremation is when the body is incinerated at high temperatures until it is reduced to bone fragments and ashes. These ashes are typically a light grey or white color and have a fine, powdery texture.

After the cremation Kelowna process, the ashes are usually placed in a container, such as an urn, and given to the family or loved ones of the deceased. The family may then scatter the ashes in a significant location, keep them in a special place in their home, or inter them in a graveyard or mausoleum.

Technically speaking, it's all about some ashes, but it means everything to the person who holds on to them. The start of 'letting go' begins with Cremation in Kelowna, BC and then you need to keep going on with your life.

So, here we talk about ways to let go of cremation ashes of your loved one with benevolence.

1- Commission Art

Commission art is something that is going on trend for some people. It means artists create portraits and paintings with cremated remains. So, you can search for artists with experience with commission art.

2- Plant a Tree

Another way of keeping the cremated ashes of your loved one with you is by planting a tree. You can plant your ashes with a tree in the living 'bio urn'.

3- Release a Balloon

If you want to scatter ashes in the clouds, try releasing them with a balloon. You can search for a company that offers a large biodegradable balloon that takes the ashes six miles up, freezes it, fractures and then releases the remains all around.

4- Take it to the Sea

After the cremation Kelowna service, you can take the remains to the sea. 

Many companies are offering scattering services for cremated remains. Here you can scatter your loved one's remains after travelling to the sea by charter or ship.

5- Skydive & Scatter

The ones who have an adventurous link with their loved ones would like to let them go with an adventure activity. So, sky diving centers worldwide provide an 'ash dive' service where you can skydive and scatter the remains.

Final Summary

These are just some ideas to get your beloved's cremated remains in store or scattered. If you can think of more creative ways, you can do so. After all, it's all about how you would like to let go of your loved ones and settle the grief within you.

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Austin James is the author of this article. To know more about Bereavement & grief resources please visit our website: drakecremation.com

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