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A Quick Guide to Get Started With WordPress Development

Saanvi Bahl
A Quick Guide to Get Started With WordPress Development

Mastering WordPress development may appear to be a big task, but it all boils down to getting started. Therefore I've put together this free article to assist you in getting started.

How WordPress Works

To understand what and how we can create for WordPress, let's first look at how WordPress works. The core, themes, and plugins are the three primary components.

Core code

It includes all of the basic functionalities found in the WordPress content management system (CMS), such as the admin back-end and functions such like post scheduling, password strength testing, user creation, and so on.

Themes are in charge of the front end and how websites appear and feel. The theme controls how our articles and pages are displayed to visitors, providing you significant control over your website. You may wish to install and activate pre-built themes, or you may want to go fully outside the box with creative designs.


They are the extensions which add additional features to your website. A plugin can change the back-end and/or front-end of a website, for example, by adding a Tweet button for Twitter. It would most likely install itself to the front-end on a website, and create a new settings page in the back-end admin menu where you could define some default preferences for a user's tweet. 


REST API is an interface that lets external applications access the data and capabilities of the WordPress CMS. Without logging into WordPress, this allows developers to integrate WordPress into third-party online apps and websites. For any support check WordPress Development Services offered by Hybrid Web Agency.

Developmental Areas

You can create any of the three primary components listed above. Whatever you want to do with WordPress, I recommend following a clear course in your study. The following list will enable you in becoming familiar with the systems you will need to know before studying more about your area of interest:

  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • Core

What You Must Know About WordPress Development

To get started with WordPress development and site design, you must be familiar with a certain set of tools.


HTML is in charge of providing webpages structure. At a high level, this includes determining what text should be a heading, a list, what should go in the sidebar, and what is appropriate for the header and footer. On a deeper level, you're making critical SEO and optimization decisions.


CSS is fairly simple to learn but tremendously tough to master. CSS is used to add styling to the HTML structure. With CSS code, you'll specify the color of text, links, and the space between paragraphs, as well as image alignment, border colors, float attributes, border thickness, and other components.


PHP is a hugely popular server-side scripting language that is utilized in 77.9% of all websites where the language is known, according to online technology survey firm W3Techs. PHP is the language on which WordPress (and most other content management systems) are built, hence a good understanding of PHP is required for WordPress development.


Many developers initially learn JavaScript by using the widely popular jQuery framework. It is widely used in WordPress and in millions of online sites. While this is perfectly OK, bear in mind that JavaScript is more than simply jQuery, and understanding JavaScript on its own is also a good idea.


MySQL is a database-access and data-management language. WordPress primarily relies on it to obtain all of its data, but as developers, you won't use it much because WordPress comes with its own collection of utility methods. In certain circumstances, you may need to develop your own database query or optimize anything for your own site, thus having a basic understanding of MySQL is beneficial.


I can't emphasize enough how crucial it is not to give up. Every expert has to start eventually. When they first start out, most people are bad at coding, struggle to comprehend ideas, and become upset. Yet it is those who persevere, don't give up, and are always pushing themselves to learn who succeed—and it is this commitment that distinguishes excellent coders from poor. And if you would like to rely more on an agency, say for example, you can have Custom WordPress Development Services in Everett, Hybrid Web Agency will always be to the rescue.

Saanvi Bahl
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