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Nine Best WordPress Translation Plugins for Multilingual Websites

Donna long
Nine Best WordPress Translation Plugins for Multilingual Websites

Do you want your website to be readily translated into another language?

WordPress doesn't come with an integrated translation feature for serving websites in several languages. Yet, there are effective WordPress plugins that can easily translate your website.

This enables you to quickly develop a multilingual WordPress site that can serve various areas and ethnic groups using your existing content.

We include the top WordPress Development services in Seattle translation plugins in this article. We’ll analyse their features, pricing, and drawbacks so you can pick the one that’s ideal for you.

As an AI language model, I do not have a website of my own. However, I can help provide information on translation tools and services that can assist in translating websites into another language. There are many options available, including translation plugins for content management systems like WordPress, machine translation services such as Google Translate or DeepL, or professional translation services that can provide human translation for your website. The best option will depend on your specific needs and budget, but there are many options available to make website translation easier and more efficient.

Millions of websites that aren't in English use WordPress. WordPress allows you to construct websites in whatever language you like.

WordPress does not, however, come with the capacity to build multilingual websites. Thankfully, there are numerous effective WordPress translation plugins that make adding multilingual content to your site simple.

The greatest WordPress translation plugins for building multilingual websites are highlighted in this post.

To assist you in choosing the ideal alternative for your website, we will examine their attributes, benefits, and drawbacks.

Choosing a Translation Plugin to Create Multilingual WordPress Websites

The majority of newcomers are unaware that WordPress can be installed in their own language and used to create websites in any language.

You can build bilingual or multilingual websites with the aid of plugins. Even better, you can let users translate your text using Google Translate.

Although there are many translation plugins for WordPress, they can be divided into two groups.

  • multilingual WordPress plugins
  • Automatic WordPress plugins for translation

You can manually add multilingual material to your website using the multilingual plugins. The key advantage of these plugins is that your translations will be of a much higher calibre than those produced by any online machine translation engines.

The second category of WordPress translation plugins translates your text using internet translation providers. Although you don't have to produce material in many languages to use these plugins, the translations are not always accurate.

In light of this, let's examine the top WordPress automated translation and multilingual plugins.

In this blog post, we will explore the 9 best WordPress translation plugins for multilingual websites, each with their own unique features and capabilities.


WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin) is one of the most popular translation plugins for WordPress. It offers a range of features, including a translation management system, automatic machine translation, and compatibility with popular WordPress themes and plugins. WPML also supports multiple languages, making it an excellent choice for websites that need to target a global audience.


Polylang is a popular translation plugin that supports over 100 languages. It allows website owners to create multilingual content, including posts, pages, custom post types, categories, and tags. Polylang also offers automatic language detection, custom language switchers, and support for RTL languages.


Weglot is a cloud-based translation plugin that allows website owners to translate their content into multiple languages with just a few clicks. It offers support for over 100 languages, automatic language detection, and an intuitive translation management system. Weglot is also SEO-friendly, ensuring that your translated content is indexed by search engines.


TranslatePress is a popular translation plugin that offers a visual translation interface. This means that website owners can translate their content directly on the front end of their website, without the need for complex translation management systems. TranslatePress also supports over 200 languages, making it an excellent choice for multilingual websites.


MultilingualPress is a translation plugin that allows website owners to create multilingual networks. This means that they can create separate websites for each language, all managed from a central dashboard. MultilingualPress also offers automatic translation syncing, making it easy to keep your translated content up-to-date.


GTranslate is a machine translation plugin that offers support for over 100 languages. It automatically detects the user's language and translates the website content accordingly. GTranslate also offers a language switcher, allowing users to easily switch between languages.

Loco Translate

Loco Translate is a translation plugin that allows website owners to translate their theme and plugin files directly from their WordPress dashboard. It offers support for multiple languages, including RTL languages, and allows users to create their own translations or use automatic translation services.

qTranslate X

qTranslate X is a translation plugin that supports over 30 languages. It offers an easy-to-use interface for translating content, and supports custom language switchers, RTL languages, and automatic machine translation. qTranslate X also allows users to create custom fields for each language, making it a great choice for complex websites.

Google Language Translator

Google Language Translator is a free translation plugin that uses Google Translate to translate website content into multiple languages. It offers a language switcher, allowing users to easily switch between languages, and is compatible with most WordPress themes and plugins.

In conclusion, there are many WordPress translation plugins available, each with their own unique features and capabilities. By choosing the right translation plugin for your website, you can ensure that your content is accessible to a global audience, Hybrid Web Agency helps you to reach more customers and grow your business.

Donna long
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