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What Steps Are Required in Getting a Dental Bridge?

Belle Rive Dental Clinic
What Steps Are Required in Getting a Dental Bridge?

Your susceptibility to the number of health issues that can affect your appearance and effectiveness increases if you have one or more missing teeth. If dental issues like tooth decay or tooth loss are making you self-conscious about your looks, you may prefer getting dental bridges near you

A dental bridge is intended to close the space between the teeth left by missing molars. It comprises a dental crown that is fitted over the abutment teeth, which are the teeth next to the gap. 

What are Dental Bridges? 

It is a synthetic appliance that is used to close the gap created by one or more missing teeth. Dental crowns are already attached to the bridge on either side when it is first placed. This crown, which is also referred to as a cap, is secured to the teeth on the opposite ends of the gap. The gap left by the missing tooth is then filled with a false tooth or pair of teeth.

To complete the restoration, the replacement tooth or teeth are inserted between the crowns and bonded to them. Each replacement tooth is called a pontic. Each artificial tooth is referred to as a pontic. Dental bridges are an effective way of replacing missing teeth that yields positive outcomes and is relatively quick to complete.

Why Consider a Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges in Edmonton are a great method to quickly restore your smile. Additionally, this procedure can assist you in regaining your basic oral abilities to eat and communicate clearly. It is less likely that your remaining natural teeth will experience excessive wear and tear if you chew your food correctly while using a dental bridge because the forces generated during chewing are more evenly distributed. 

Why do You Need a Dental Bridge

Your nearby teeth can erupt into the area left by missing teeth. Your opposing jaw's teeth may also shift upward or downward toward the opening. These problems are possible as a result.  This can lead to the following issues. 

  • Bite problems
  • Chewing and speaking difficulties
  • Experiencing increased dental and facial tension
  • Self-consciousness about the way your smile appears

The Steps Involved in Getting Dental Bridges

The following are details about the process of getting dental bridges.

Assessing your needs

In the case of tooth loss brought on by periodontal disease or bodily trauma from accidents, your dentist may suggest bridges. The remaining teeth may shift into empty space if your missing teeth are not replaced immediately, which could affect and change your normal bite. Gum disease or problems with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can result from an improper bite. Your dentist will evaluate the state of your dental health and choose the best course of action for tooth restoration. 

Selecting the Right Type of Dental Bridges

There are many types of dental bridges which include, conventional, cantilever, Maryland and implant-supported dentures. 

  • In a traditional bridge, a crown is affixed to each side of the false teeth 
  • An artificial tooth affixed to a single crown is called a cantilever bridge. 
  • A Maryland bridge consists of a prosthetic tooth bonded to the neighbouring natural teeth.
  • For each missing tooth, an implant is surgically inserted, and this implant holds the bridge in place this are known as implant-supported dentures.

Based on your overall oral health and your dental needs your dentist near you will recommend you right type of dental bridge to achieve desired outcomes. 

Desensitizing and Reshaping

There are several steps and numerous dental visits involved in getting a dental bridge. Your dentist will administer a local anesthetic to the gum tissues encircling your missing teeth to begin the procedure. After that, the dentist will file the teeth to make it easier to position the crown. To hold the bridge in place, the crowns need to be precisely shaped.

Placing the Replacement Tooth

The dentist will make an imprint of the missing tooth and the nearby teeth after reshaping the teeth. These impressions will then be given to the dental facility, where your custom dental bridge will be made. You will get a temporary restoration to cover the gap until this procedure concludes.

You will need to visit the dentist's office again to have the dental bridge placed once your custom bridges are created. Making sure the bridge is correctly aligned with your bite is normally a part of this process.


If you maintain your dental bridge correctly, it can last for ten years. Cavities developing on the capped teeth are the primary and most frequent cause of dental bridge failure. Because of this, maintaining your oral health and dental bridge requires proper oral hygiene practices like brushing, flossing, and frequent dental checkups and cleanings. 


You may benefit in many ways from dental bridges. Consult our dentist in Edmonton if you're considering receiving dental braces and want to learn more about the procedure and how it's executed. Our dentist will help you every step of the way. 

  • Following are some benefits of dental bridges. 
  • Restores your bite
  • Prevents existing natural teeth from shifting 
  • Restores mouth functions like chewing and speaking 
  • You can get the smile you desire and boost your confidence 

When to See Your Dentist 

If you observe any changes or if something doesn't feel right and is causing severe pain or discomfort, consult your dentist immediately. 

  • You may need to consult and visit your dentist for the following conditions. 
  • Loose dental bridge 
  • Uneven bite after placing dental bridge
  • Pain and swelling under or near the gums where the bridge is placed.
  • Hypersensitivity 

It can be difficult to eat, speak, or look your best if you have missing teeth. By closing the gaps left by lost teeth, a dental bridge can help you improve the appearance and functionality of your mouth. In order to prevent dental problems and prolong the lifespan of your dental bridge, it's essential to practice good oral hygiene. 

Every dentistry procedure has risks and advantages. Before selecting a course of treatment, speak with your dentist and go over all the choices. 

Contact our dentist at Belle Rive Dental Clinic to determine if a dental bridge is a right option for you to replace missing teeth and restore the smile you desire.

Contact us and book your appointment today!  

Belle Rive Dental Clinic
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