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SPACEMINE is a scam project.

Scap projects

Dear Crypto Community, in this article I want to warn you about crypto scammers called MINE!

They refuse to pay their partners who helped them to get listed on the major exchange Gate.io.

Today, they showed me some screenshots to prove that the spacemine project is really a fraud, and they have no qualms about who they deceive. The scam project mine asked an agency to help them get listed on gate.io, the agency fulfilled its obligations on time, and as we can all see, the scam token mine is now being traded on the gate.io exchange.

For helping them get listed on one of the largest exchanges, they were supposed to pay the reward, all of which was agreed in advance and the project team and its founder agreed. But the cheaters and blatant liars decided to cheat their partners. They did not pay their debt and now simply decided to ignore them.

I attach screenshots as evidence. Look for yourself and see that spacemine is 100% fraud, and think before you deal with them!

This project has a dead Twitter, so I decided to open it and see what is being written in the comments. I opened the latest post and saw this:

I also decided to open their GitHub, and saw absolutely nothing. They have 3 followers, and I think it’s the founder and his family.

I decided to go to their Telegram chat to see the community’s activity. I entered the name in the search, and this is what I saw. People are shouting that SPACEMINE is a scam! I hope that the entire crypto community will find out about this as soon as possible.

The project leaders promised to develop the project and make it number one, but as we can all see, they just collected money and did absolutely nothing. Investors are worried and regularly write in the chat, but unfortunately these messages are simply deleted.

As we can all see, the token has lost 99% of its value. Less than a year ago, the price was $5.3, and now it’s just some pitiful $0.0025. Trading volumes are falling, if at the peak the volume reached $4 million, now it’s only $500,000. There is nothing but negativity around, but project leaders just turn a blind eye to it.

I am sure that this project will fail completely very soon. Unfortunately or fortunately, such projects do not live long, and they have only one end. The token is not in demand and has minimal trading volume. According to our data, the token will be delisted very soon, and this will be the final nail in the coffin.

I appeal to all investors to exit this project, as they are thieves and scammers! Please share this information with your friends, everyone should know that SPACEMINE is a scam. DO NOT INVEST YOUR MONEY IN THIS PROJECT!


P.S.: Based on my information, the mine token will be removed from the Gate.io exchange very soon. The Huobi exchange is also considering the possibility of excluding this token from the list. Nobody wants to ruin their reputation by associating with scammers!

Scap projects
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