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Reasons For Hiring Third Party Payroll By Companies

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Reasons For Hiring Third Party Payroll By Companies

How to Select the Most Suitable Payroll Management System for Your Needs 

In Bangladesh, third-party payroll services entails a firm's payroll management, computation, and delivery of paychecks being outsourced to another entity. In Bangladesh, third-party payroll administration is a time-consuming operation. Payroll management system may be outsourced to Third Party Payroll Services in Bangladesh, freeing up staff time to focus on higher-value-added and revenue-generating tasks.

We are Bangladesh's leading HR & payroll outsourcing agency, providing superior tax consultation services that are tailored to your specific requirements and demands.

According to research, around 25% of big league organizations now use a third-party payroll management system for a variety of services. It's a reward system that benefits both the company and the employee.

      Who Hire A Third-Party Payroll Service?

The following are some of the main reasons why businesses engage a third-party payroll service:

1. Companies that use a Third Party payroll service are those who are unable to handle their payroll management system, which includes handling wages, employee benefits, and taxation evaluation.

2. Outsourcing HRM payroll management services are recommended by companies who do not have a well-structured in-house HRM system and are having difficulty managing recruiting processes.

3. For people looking to obtain expertise and work for a reputable firm, a third-party payroll management system is an excellent option.

4. Candidates that want to work on a contract basis should hire a HRM payroll processing system .

5. Most enterprises in the IT industry, banking, finance, hospitality, software companies, hardware manufacturers, retail, pharmacy, and construction use third-party payroll processing systems.

Key Responsibilities Of The Third Party Payroll Companies

A third-party payroll management agency oversees the company's non-core business tasks and provides a variety of services. The following are some of the most important obligations of third-party payroll processing systems:

  1. Timesheets should be integrated into tax liabilities as well as due salaries.

  1. HRM payroll management should report to upper management.

  1. Managed payroll controls the amount of tax deducted at source, as well as tax filings and deductions.

  1. HR and payroll Pay services help to pay attention to any payment irregularities.

  1. HRM payroll services manages the organization's pay garnish wages as well as other ad hoc obligations.

       8 Key Reasons To Switch Payroll Services

We asked respondents to rate the key areas of their unhappiness with their existing payroll system in a recent BambooHR survey:

1. Poor customer service:  It was highlighted by 78% of respondents as the source of their displeasure. Here Our HR and Payroll services are the best solution.

2. Lack of integration: 69% expressed dissatisfaction with their HRM payroll management system's lack of integration with their HRIS.

3. Clunky Interface: 65% desired their present service had a more user-friendly interface. Our managed payroll services are most user friendly.

4. Employee experience: 62% percent of respondents wished for a better hrm payroll employee experience. We provide HRM payroll services within 14th years.

5. Functionality Missing: 50% of respondents stated their present managed payroll service was lacking in functionality. 

6.  Time Consuming Process: 43% said they wish the payroll processing system took less time. Our HRM payroll processing system maintains a time consuming process.

7. Too expensive: 36% said they were overpaying for their payroll processing system. Our managed payroll processing system is less costly.

8. Payroll errors: 20% were worried about the regularity of payroll management services. We managed payroll services without any errors if there is no big problem.

The Potential Drawbacks Of Using A Third-Party Payroll

1. incremental costs to the company: The corporation incurs an additional expense when it hires a third party managed payroll system, which it pays to the hired party in the form of a fee.

2. Possible points of contention between the firm's HR and the outsourced agency's HR: The company's HR department begins to lose complete control over its personnel and is forced to share it with a third-party managed payroll processing system agency. If there isn't a complete understanding between the two, this might lead to some conflicts.

3. Candidates are unavailable due to a lack of access: A freshly hired employee may be the ideal candidate, but on his or her first day, he or she is essentially unknown. This absence of interaction has the potential to be harmful. 

4. Communication problems: One of the most serious drawbacks is the possibility of misunderstanding. An outsourced HR and  payroll management agency does not provide feedback to the vast majority of organizations. Other issues with recruiting firms have always been mentioned by businesses, such as receiving no answers at all, poor communication.

Candidates Should Find Out The Following Criteria When They Are Hired By A Firm Through A Third-Party Payroll

1. Candidates should be aware that they are being employed via a third Party payroll management agency rather than the Company directly at the time of recruitment.

2. They should be aware of the dangers that come with working on a contract basis.

3. Payroll services help fresher candidates to gain valuable hands-on experience from working with high-value customers, which improves their chances of future employment.

The Benefits of Using A Payroll Service Agency

By providing the required technologies to expedite the procedures, payroll outsourcing may help businesses reduce their operational expenses. Let's have a look at some additional advantages:

1. Human Resource Outsourcing: We provide cost-effective and sustainable solutions that enable a company's core personnel to focus on strategic projects rather than transactional HR and payroll operations.

2. Expert Accounting Team: Our managed payroll accounting team consists of professional accountants that will assist you with all of your tax, VAT, service tax, central excise, and customs duties needs.

3. Consultancy Service: Our payroll management system consists of skilled, devoted, and dependable HR and payroll Consultants with extensive experience and skills in managing tax consulting services that you will undoubtedly appreciate.

4. Cost-cutting: Companies may save a lot of money by outsourcing certain duties to a third party payroll management system.

According to studies, organizations may save as much as 15% of their costs, and in certain cases as much as 20%. These cost savings will be put to better use.

5. Time Saver: The entire Third Party Payroll management procedure is quite laborious and time-consuming. With the help of our HRM payroll management agency, time is saved, which can then be spent on the company's main-core performance-enhancing responsibilities.

6. Greater access to technology: Some businesses continue to use antiquated software. Our outsourced payroll management system ensures that the most up-to-date technology is used. Comprehensive systems are capable of keeping track of everything.


Simplifying feasible actions with the support of dependable companies is one of the most effective company methods nowadays. Third-party HR and payroll service providers assist organizations in implementing new processes, maintaining global standards, and meeting all compliance requirements while allowing them to focus on growing their business and increasing profits.

     If you need any professional support with payroll management service, contact us. 

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