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Kitchen Design Mistakes That You Should Try To Avoid

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Kitchen Design Mistakes That You Should Try To Avoid

You spend a lot of time in your kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the house; we gather there to socialize and sometimes get work done. Time is of the essence in our busy lives, and preparing nutritious, flavorful meals requires effort. A well-designed kitchen may be a productive workspace, while a badly organized one can be a source of stress and wasted time.

To help you plan the ideal kitchen remodel, our design team has compiled a list of the most typical kitchen design blunders. If there's one area in your house where you must get the design perfect, it's this one.

Your new kitchen will be customized to reflect your tastes and preferences regarding color scheme, layout, and more. How you cook, and the kinds of kitchen tools you choose will also significantly impact you. In addition, there are a few basics that every home must have:

  • A place to store items.
  • A large enough cooking area.
  • Enough lighting.
  • An easy-to-use cleanup system.

By avoiding the errors on this list, you may save time and money in the long run. Although our primary concern is functionality, we have included some decorative suggestions. The temptation was too great!

One common mistake is to have the sink, stove, and fridge all in one compact work triangle.

Enough space between the sink, stove, and fridge is essential, so plan your kitchen arrangement accordingly. (This is often referred to as the "work triangle.") However, there are some tips for setting up your kitchen equipment, so you have enough room to move about without running into anything.

Consider the following frequent activity: washing veggies, chopping them, and transferring them from the sink to the stove. You'll have to make an extra effort to locate a chopping spot if there is no counter space between the sink and the stove.

The refrigerator also needs some space to move around in. Remember that individuals typically open the door while deciding what they want and look around for a while. Someone who is preparing dinner may find this disruptive.

In most cases, you will feel cramped if the three primary appliances are placed too closely together.

Impediments to the flow of the work triangle's tools.

There must be enough room, and passengers must also be able to move straight from one station to the next. Walking around obstacles is inefficient if, for instance, a pantry door swings out in front of the stove or the corner of an island protrudes into the shortest route between the stove and the sink.

The direction in which the refrigerator door swings is important (on some models, the door can be mounted on either side). In cramped apartments, a bifold refrigerator door may be a lifesaver

Not enough space between the sink and the dishwasher.

Together, they form a de facto dishwashing station since most people give their dishes a brief rinse before loading the dishwasher. The words should go straight from the sink into the dishwasher.

The dishwasher is too distant from where the silverware, plates, and glasses are kept, and the sink is too far from the trash can.

There needs to be more tabletop room, particularly close to the kitchen appliances.

Both sides of a sink should have enough counter space so that dirty pots and dishes can be stacked in one area and clean dishes can be placed on a dish rack on the other side. A counter is useful even if your sink only has two holes since you can dry and stack dishes before putting them away.

While alternatives may be limited in a compact kitchen, it is preferable to have counter space on both sides of the range. When you remove a large turkey or roast from the oven, you'll need somewhere to set it down without moving any other dishes.

It's important to consider how many people will use the kitchen at once when determining how much counter space is required for meal preparation, grocery sorting, and after-school study.

A kitchen counter that slopes downward from the top of the stove.

To prevent the counter from being damaged by the stove's heat over time, the top of the furnace should be flush with, or slightly higher than, the top of the counter. This is another reason why picking out your appliances before completing kitchen cabinet proportions is a good idea.

Storage space needs to be improved.

You need to consider the amount of storage, and you need a common error when planning a kitchen. It would be best if you didn't have to walk to another room to obtain what you need from the kitchen, so make sure there are enough cupboards for storing cookware, dishes, and small appliances. Cabinets may be built to the ceiling in certain homes. (Use the space here for storing stuff you use seldom.) A kitchen pantry may be installed instead of or in addition to cabinets to enhance available space greatly.

You shouldn't have to shuffle things in your drawers and cabinets to get to what you want.

There is no garbage disposal strategy.

These days, more than garbage cans are needed; recycling and composting must also be considered, particularly in urban areas like Ottawa. However, waste management is often overlooked when designing a kitchen. Now more than ever, space-saving solutions abound. Various storage options, from cabinets to drawers, are made for this same reason. Moreover, many of them are concealed in ingenious ways.

You'll need a handy storage area to put them in so you won't have to shuffle them about afterward. Having the trash can next to an exit makes it more convenient to empty the garbage when it comes. The most important factor, however, is that trash cans and used containers can be easily moved out of the way.

The item is an oversized island.

A kitchen island is a terrific option to increase your space, whether you need extra cabinets, chairs, a larger work area, or even a dishwasher spot. On the other hand, if it's too big, it will get in the way as you move about the working triangle.

The worst error you can make with a kitchen island is to make it overly huge. Be sensible about the foot traffic and space constraints while planning your ideal kitchen. Consider the cleaning process as well; would you have to trek around the island to collect trash, and if so, would that be an issue?

There needs to be more illumination.

After all, you'll be cutting and utilizing heat, so you'll need some good illumination. To see clearly when cleaning, bright lights are also required. Kitchens that serve as social spaces or that include dining areas also need ambient lighting (such as from recessed cans). Dimmer switches are convenient since they may be adjusted from full brightness to a softer glow for after-dinner relaxation.

Finally, from a design standpoint, it is a waste to overlook the importance of lighting. Pendant lights, for instance, can really set the tone for a space, and accent lighting is great for drawing attention to the artwork. Alternatively, a room might seem larger if there is enough natural light. (If your cabinets are finished in a shiny material that reflects light, this will be very effective.)

Installing low-quality kitchen cabinetry.

When planning a kitchen remodel, one of the most important decisions you can make is the kind of cabinets to install. In addition, the hinges and drawer slides on your kitchen cabinets should be built to last through years of use.

We know that cabinets are an expensive aspect of your kitchen design and that you may be looking for ways to save money there. Don't be tricked, however, into purchasing cabinets based just on their appearance. They need to be durable enough to withstand everyday use, so don't waste your money on cabinets built from low-quality materials. Instead, you should always get high-quality cabinets.

You don't believe us, do you? Find out what sets bespoke, semi-custom, and prefabricated cabinetry apart.

Poor air circulation.

Some low-quality range hoods don't really vent the air; instead, they filter it and send it back through. Hence, install a system that exhausts air from home through a duct. This is crucial for the safety and health of anybody using a gas stovetop. You'll understand why I'm telling you this if you've ever come home to the odor of fried food the day after you've prepared it. If your kitchen is exposed to the rest of the home, you must have a range hood that vents outside.

This list of kitchen design flaws includes inadequate ventilation for more than one reason:


The stove's waste heat may also increase the room's temperature, requiring more effort from the fridge and, in warmer months, the air conditioner.

Never enough plugs for all your electronics.

The modern kitchen is incomplete without a coffee maker, toaster, or food processor, and most of us now need constant access to our mobile devices. Make a list of the appliances you use most often and show them to your kitchen designer. The space's adaptability may be improved by installing outlets in the end panel of base cabinets (or on your kitchen island) and in other convenient locations along the walls.

Cabinets in the incorrect place or the wrong size.

Cabinet color is important, but placement and size are also crucial in the kitchen.

Wall cabinets that extend all the way to the ceiling are a great choice for those who value minimalism. They're also more useful since storage space is at a premium with shorter cabinets. If you like your area to seem more open and breezy, though, dedicate part of your wall space to open bookshelves. Lastly, allow enough room around your stove since splatters may occur, and don't put a cabinet over the sink (it will merely be in the way).

While there is no definitive solution, choosing well for your kitchen cabinets may boost your home's market value. Work with your kitchen designer to get the aesthetics exactly perfect; after all, you don't want anything that doesn't appear well thought out.

Lack of zone planning and poor processes,

When planning a functional kitchen layout, there's more to think about than just creating the perfect work triangle.

All routine tasks should be assigned specific areas. There will be separate areas for various tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, and food preparation. Choose ergonomically built cabinets in each space with features like fully-extendable drawers or doors with lift systems that move up and out of the way to keep everything within easy reach. Next, make sure you have enough lighting in each area of the space.

Incorrectly placing items in the kitchen.

The kitchen design style you choose will be complemented by the furnishings you choose for the area.

Choose stainless steel appliances that will last a lifetime, or cover your fridge with classic panels that coordinate with your cabinetry. If you have a breakfast bar or island in your kitchen, which chairs do you recommend? The addition of upholstered furniture may make a room seem more inviting. Do you yearn for a throwback touch? Chrome swivel bar stools from the '70s may provide the finishing touch.

Browse kitchen design galleries for ideas, or get in touch with a professional designer if you're having trouble deciding on a theme for your new cooking space.

Unsuitable or inappropriate flooring.

Don't make the most frequent kitchen design error and ignore the floor in all the excitement of remodelling your new kitchen.

The floor of your kitchen is crucial since it bears the weight of the whole area and must be sturdy and practical for your loved ones. You may get flooring in a wide range of designs and materials, just as you can discover gorgeous wall and backsplash alternatives. Choose a material that fits in with your aesthetic but also gets the job done without showing wear and tear easily.

We will not be consulting professional designers.

When it comes to kitchen remodelling, our team of designers has you covered. After all, ensuring the new layout works is more vital than including enticing extras like granite worktops, the latest flooring, or the best faucets money can buy.

It may seem overwhelming to think about everything on this list, but planning early might save you a lot of trouble down the road. You may save time, money, and frustration by consulting an expert for guidance throughout the kitchen design process. Just throw any questions our way! Your new kitchen may be all you've imagined with our assistance in selecting cabinets, learning about and using the most recent design trends, and more.

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