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Reasons for not flushing the toilet

luleh bazkon
Reasons for not flushing the toilet

People know how effective using a toilet is in preventing knee and back pain. Using the Iranian toilet causes a lot of pressure on the knees and back. In this way, knee pain and back pain will come to the person over time, but the body will be in a more comfortable state when using the toilet.

Sometimes there are problems with the toilet in the bathroom, among the common problems of the toilet, it can be mentioned that the toilet does not empty, which causes people to contact لوله بازکنی تهران, but in this article, we intend to answer this question. Let's find out why "the toilet does not flush" and check the solutions to solve it together.

Most of the time, you will be able to fix the toilet problems yourself. Therefore, first you should know the different parts of the toilet and how to drain the water from it. In this case, you can identify where the problem is and fix it.

Toilet components

The toilet consists of two parts: the bowl and the tank.

The bowl is on the floor and the tank is behind the support and above the bowl. The toilet bowl that is on the floor is stable and rarely has problems. Most toilet problems are related to its tank. First, get to know how the tank works.

How does the toilet tank work?

The toilet tank holds water until it is flushed. When the siphon is drawn, the water quickly and with pressure enters the bowl and empties the bowl.

The work of introducing water with pressure and speed and draining waste water are done in two parts in the tank.

  • Valve or siphon valve
  • Water filling valve

There is a water filling valve on the left side of the tank, the task of this part is to fill the water tank. There are several types of this valve:

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Piston valve

The old type of valve is usually made of brass.

Diaphragm valve

Today, the plastic version of this valve is available, but in the past, it was usually made of brass.

float valve

It is a new type of valve that is made of plastic.

Non-floating valve

It is a new type of valve that is mostly used today.

In general, the function of the valve is to open the siphon valve, empty the tank and then close it, and fill the tank again. It doesn't matter which type of valve is in the toilet, they all do the same thing.

Common toilet problems

You have become familiar with the components of the toilet to some extent, now with the information that was said and the information that will be said in the following, you can check and fix some problems of the toilet, especially the failure of the toilet to drain.

We said that usually toilet problems are related to the tank, but there is also a fundamental problem related to the body of the toilet. The body of the toilet may leak water. There is a wax ring with which the toilet is attached to the ground, most likely the problem of watering the body must be from this part. You have to remove the toilet and change the wax ring. To do this job better, you can get help from a plumber, of course, it goes without saying that you can also do this job yourself.

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Reasons for not flushing the toilet

One of the reasons for not emptying the toilet can be that the toilet is not installed properly and is not placed in the right place.

When emptying the toilet, because the emptying path is deviated, the materials are not emptied properly and get stuck.

An important reason that may come to everyone's mind at the first moment is that materials and objects are stuck in the pipes and the drainage is not done properly.

Unfavorable toilet discharge

Sometimes it is possible that the emptying in the toilet is not done correctly, that is, it is done but in an unfavorable way. Undesirable toilet emptying can have several reasons: Of course, you can contact Saadat Abad pipe opener to speed up the problem solving.

First, we should always use a siphon, so when we encounter the problem of undesired toilet discharge, we check the condition of the siphon, if it is healthy, we check the toilet from other aspects.

The number of knees in the siphon makes the emptying slow and smooth.

Toilet siphon problems

  • Check the siphon settings because if there is a problem with the siphon, the draining will not be done properly.
  • Before using the toilet, the siphon must be insulated. If the siphon insulation is not done correctly, the water in the tank will be drained and there will be no water during the next use.
  • When the siphon lever is pulled or its button is pressed, the toilet tank must fill up quickly. If this does not happen and the tank does not fill up quickly, there is a problem. In this case, check the tank valve.
  • Another possibility related to the late filling of water in the tank is that the drain valve has a problem. It may be damaged or sedimented.
  • It is possible that the drain lever or button has a problem.
  • Clogged toilets mostly occur in camel throat siphons. You can use several methods to solve this blockage in the toilet.
  • If the clogging of your toilet is superficial and brief, you can use household pumps to remove the clogging and solve this problem.
  • If the toilet is not too clogged, you can use an air compressor.
  • When your toilet clog is very severe and cannot be opened with the mentioned methods, you should use the pipe unclogging spring at the Ferdous Boulevard pipe unclogging branch or other branches to solve this problem.

Final speech

The use of toilets has become very popular today. Doctors also recommend using the toilet because it helps human health and prevents knee and back pain. Having said that, we should have information in this field and be able to solve some toilet problems. In this article, we have tried to mention some things in this regard, we hope that the said things have been useful and practical for you.

luleh bazkon
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