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You will no more need to spend a big amount at a salon to look beautiful. Learn to do it yourself with the correct makeup steps. Our makeup step-by-step guide will help you out in learning to apply makeup like a pro.

If you would like to gain makeup steps at a professional level to apply not only for you but also for others, the suggested path is to go for a makeup artistry course, where you can learn with experts. You can choose Hamstech to learn with a practical learning experience.

Perfecting the basics is the key to skilful makeup application, and applying makeup in the right amount in the right way is a simple secret behind it. With this simple, you can enhance your favourite features.

Makeup Step-By-Step Procedure

Whether you are trying to makeup for the first time as a beginner or tried it before, our makeup step-by-step guide will help you accomplish a flawless look. Keep reading for simple makeup steps!

Step 1 - Moisturizer

Before reaching for any makeup tools, guarantee to complete your skincare routine. Create a good base by prepping your skin with a moisturizer or serum. This will keep your skin hydrated and help apply your makeup appropriately. In case your skin is not moisturized enough, the foundation will look cakey on your face.

Step 2 - Primer

Primer is applied all over your entire face after your moisturizer but before your foundation. It acts as a barrier and prevents the makeup from dipping into your pores. The aim of using this is that your makeup appears smooth and long-lasting.

Step 3 - Foundation

Determine a foundation depending on your skin type and tone.

For oily skin, go for a matte finish & shine control and for dry skin, choose a dewy, hydrating foundation. Play around with these products and figure out what is best for you.

Colour match your foundation based on pink or yellow undertones and also, decide the coverage of your foundation based on your skin condition.

Foundation can be applied in many ways but, generally, you will need to start the application where you want the most coverage! The most common way is by putting a few dots all over the face and blending it out.

Step 4 – Setting Powder

Set your makeup base with loose, compact, or setting powder. But remember to use just the right amount of powder to set your makeup. Apply in areas where you tend to get oil and makeup might break down.

Apply a light dusting of finishing powder to remain the skin radiant and glossy. Apply it with a small fluffy brush in areas that tend to crease and the areas that tend to crease are under the eyes, around the mouth and on the forehead.

Step 5 - Bronzer

Bronzer instantly imparts a beautiful glow only used in a proper way. Apply bronzer with a larger fluffy brush to the high points of the face to give a sun-kissed glow. What I meant by high points of the face - where the sun naturally hit you - forehead, cheekbones and nose.

Step 6 - Blush

Blush obtains some colour to your face, which is a game-changer. Hit some blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend it back to the top of your ears. Depending on your skin tone, choose from rose, pink, peach, fuschia hues. Apply it with a medium-sized fluffy brush and make sure you have a light hand.

Step 7 - Eyebrows

Use a brow liner or eyebrow pencil to shade your eyebrows. Get a product two or three shades lighter than your hair colour and follow the natural curve of your brows to create a well-defined arch.

Step 8 - Eyeliner

Remember the trick to applying eyeliner before mascara and after shaping eyebrows. It's better to go with waterproof eyeliner and for added definition, you can use it in your waterline. You can choose from gel, liquid or pencil eyeliner, where I suggest pencil one.

Looking for a classic line? Start close to the base of your lashes and just follow your lash line and build the thickness of the line from there.

Step 9 - Mascara

Do some magic by making your lashes fuller, thicker and longer with mascara. Use a lightweight so that your lashes do not feel weighed down. Also, remember to use an eyelash curler before applying mascara. Always start at the base of the lashes and pull the rest of the product through to the tip of the lash, ensuring the lashes look fuller.

Step 10 - Highlighter

Provide a final touch to your face makeup with a highlighter. Blend your highlighter on the high points of your face and if you are a beginner, get a powder highlighter. It can be applied with a smaller fluffy brush to the tip of the nose, cheekbones and a bit on the cupid’s bow where the product catches the light and highlights the face.

Step 11 – Lip Gloss

Outline your lips with a lip liner and then fill in a lipstick of your choice. Make sure you match your liner colour with your lipstick shade. If you want to create fuller lips and a larger pout, make the line outside your natural lip line.


If you want to make a promising career in makeup artistry, graduate in a makeup artistry course that helps exclusive career growth. You can get a chance to learn the techniques in the right way from professionals at Hamstech. Also, learn with practical learning methodology with guest lectures, webinars and workshops.

To enrol for a makeup artistry course, download the Hamstech app!

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