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Initial Liquidity Offering: A New Model for Raising Capital | Oodles Blockchain

Oodles Blockchain
Initial Liquidity Offering: A New Model for Raising Capital | Oodles Blockchain

Many startups and enterprises are using initial coin offerings (ICO) for funding. However, these traditional ICO models have some shortcomings. They depend on centralized intermediaries to trade crypto assets, which takes some time. Here, a new fundraising mechanism called initial liquidity offering (ILO) is overcoming the flaws of ICO. Crypto exchange development services enable the working of this crowdfunding model. In this article, we will understand more about this model, including its working and benefits. 

Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO)

Initial liquidity offering (ILO) is a crowdfunding model that enables projects to raise funds by selling their tokens on decentralized exchanges (DEX). With decentralized finance (DeFi) based exchanges, businesses do not need to go through the ICO process. 

Liquidity contributors obtain new tokens as part of the ILO process. They get them in return for the liquidity they add to the pool to enable the AMM to generate new tokens. Buyers are taking a risk by purchasing a new token, so they get bonuses in the form of yields. 

Individuals contribute to liquidity in the form of stablecoins, with extremely stable values. If token owners sell a significant amount of the new token via AMM to get the stablecoin, then the liquidity pool for the token may become skewed. 

An ILO is a particularly appealing choice for introducing a new token. It guarantees the issuance of a token into a network with existing demand for it.

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Why Opt for an Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO)

Every cryptocurrency token needs enough liquidity to raise its market value and trading volume. But it takes a long time to entice investors and obtain liquidity if business owners release their tokens on a CEX (centralized exchange). A CEX relies on order-book mechanisms that take time.

On the other hand, ILO uses decentralized exchanges to provide instant trading with automated market makers (AMMs) that utilize liquidity pools. 

ILOs are simple to carry out on DeFi DEXs like Uniswap. Many eager investors are willing to buy crypto tokens right away for a high price. These DEXs use the AMM system, in which top-notch liquidity providers manage liquidity pools.

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The Working of Initial Liquidity Offering 

ILOs are successful because DEXs can offer instant token liquidity. Due to this, DEXs frequently give generous rewards to liquidity pool providers. DEXs can function without any interruptions for their users due to liquidity.

Most projects allocate a portion of the cash to DEXs as liquidity to help with trade. It's becoming commonplace to use this strategy. 

Additionally, several projects use a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus process. Network security is the goal of the PoS consensus. However, in this instance, the method is primarily employed to deter investors from making premature sales. 

The PoS consensus requires that investors keep their funds in their wallets in the supported crypto token. Investors receive compensation for their "stake" in the network in exchange. 

Investors can start trading the project token right after the project launches. Once the ILO is operational, the initial investors may sell their tokens for a higher rate. Early investors receive a lower price on a large bag of tokens. 

The token value rises after the public sale launches. The price will start to rise after the first sale occurs.

Gas costs for implementing a new smart contract on a liquid exchange are minimal because many trade pairs have liquidity. Smart contracts aid in liquidity pool and asset token management. ILOs can quickly mint tokens, in contrast to conventional fundraising approaches. 

Additionally, any worthwhile initiative qualifies for funding. Getting around a strict approval procedure enables access to projects for individual investors.

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Benefits of Initial Liquidity Offering Platform 

From instant liquidity to quick trading, we have listed below the benefits of initial liquidity offering: 

Instant Liquidity 

Liquidity relates to the market's ease of buying and selling any asset and the speed with which someone can accumulate assets. ILO quickly acquires liquidity when it is traded on DEX exchanges based on DeFi using an AMM.

There is no requirement for a third party because AMM delivers token prices, eliminating the waiting period for buyers or sellers.

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Unbiased Method

Private investors can buy a large number of tokens at a discount after an Initial Liquidity Offering token sale goes public. They might resell the tokens to the public to increase their profit.

Affordable Model

Launching your own ICO or IEO will be more expensive than using this fundraising technique. Therefore, you can use initial liquidity offerings to raise money for your projects.

Quick Trading

There is no need to wait to buy or sell tokens because the ILO model constantly publishes new tokens on DEXs. As a result, the sale of tokens happens quickly with the aid of software on AMM.

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The Future of Initial Liquidity Offering 

Different DeFi decentralized exchanges such as Curve Finance, Uniswap, and SushiSwap are locking up billions of dollars worth of assets. It shows a positive attitude among investors and a strong belief in the revolutionary potential of initial liquidity offerings (ILOs).

More business owners are hopping on the DeFi bandwagon to start their cutting-edge initiatives. ILOs are a quick way to generate significant money without constraints. 

Enterprises should prioritize scalability in DeFi DEXs to handle large trading volumes from investors and prevent unnecessary changes in token pricing. Although CEXs continue to rule the market, DEXs are extremely secure from hacking and phishing assaults since there are no middlemen. 

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Oodles Blockchain
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