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5 Reasons to Hire A Top PWA development company

5 Reasons to Hire A Top PWA development company

Do you know that for most companies these days, it is no easy feat to run their business without having a professional website? Yes, that’s true! But, have you ever mulled over the reason behind it? No? Then, we must inform you that websites have the power to handle most essential aspects of any business nowadays, like a breeze. For example, a website can help a brand give specific information about its offerings to its existing and potential customers. 

A website can help fix customer service issues with ease. And most importantly, a website aids in increasing sales and boosting customers’ engagement with the brand. Now, you might be thinking, then what does a web app do? Well, a web app is the advanced version of a website that can accomplish all these goals for entities, but in a better way. 

For instance, a progressive web app looks and runs like a normal mobile app but end users do not need to go to App Store or Play Store to download it and then carry out the desired process. All they need is a standard web browser to access a web app. So, if you want to build a similar presence of your brand on the internet today, please contact a top progressive web app development company and discuss your requirements. 

Now with that complete, it is suggested to see:

Some Statistics Related To Online Presence 

It takes around 0.05 seconds for a random visitor to form an impression of a website or web app that decides whether they will stay on the page or leave

  1. 88% of customers who look for a specific type of business on their smartphone call or visit the concerned store within a day
  2. 38% of individuals will stop engaging with a website or a web app if they do not like its content or layout 
  3. 57% of online users say they won’t suggest a business to others if its website looks poorly designed on mobile phones
  4. 75% of buyers admit to gauging a company’s credibility based on their website or web app’s appearance 

Thus, through some data shared above about the importance of an online presence for a business, you must have realized how important it is for you to own a solid web app of your brand. So if that is the case, please hire a top progressive web app development company now and get your dream application developed. 

What Is A Progressive Web App?

A Progressive Web App or PWA is a normal website that runs and appears like a mobile app. These applications are built especially to make the most of native mobile device features, without requiring the concerned user to reach a specific platform to download and install their desired software. 

What are some of the best examples of a progressive web app?

Some prominent examples of a progressive web app are:

  1. Starbucks
  2. BMW
  3. Flipboard
  4. MakeMyTrip
  5. Uber
  6. Pinterest
  7. Spotify

Thus, if you want to create a web app similar to any of the applications mentioned above, it is advised to employ a top progressive web app development company as soon as possible. 

With that discussed, now it is time to get the hang of:

What are a few benefits of partnering with a top progressive web app development company?

1. PWA Development 

The most important thing you must learn is that a top progressive web app development company can guide and assist you regarding integrating next-gen technologies such as PWAs into your business. And with a Progressive Web Application at your business’s disposal, you can be assured of giving your target audience an app-like experience in the easiest way possible.

Please remember, PWA programs are fast, secure, and easy to use. What else? It plays a key role in upsurging the SEO efficiency of a website. So, if you like those advantages of a Progressive Web Application and want to own one as early as possible, kindly consult a top progressive web app development company now. 

2. ADA Compliance 

Before going ahead, it is necessary to perceive ADA first. So, can you tell us if you are even familiar with ADA? If not, we must let you know that ADA compliance refers to Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design. And it mainly means that all electronic information and technology, including your website or web app, must be made accessible to people with some sort of disabilities. Hence, ADA compliance is a legal prerequisite for a website or web app development, especially in the US. 

Once your virtual product meets this goal, it will be a walk in the park for folks with any sort of disabilities to use it without a hitch. And that’s where a top progressive web app development company comes into the picture. They will design your web app in such a way that it will be ADA-compliant for your target viewers. And the best part? Their developers will make your web content accessible and intractable for everyone. 

3. Voice Search Friendly 

As time passes, the business potential of voice commerce is growing exponentially. And the result? Making a voice search-enabled website has become imperative these days. And the catch is that doing so is not a five-finger exercise. Wondering why? Well, making a web app or website voice search-friendly requires:

  • Keyword research 
  • Content development 
  • Structured data optimization 
  • Other similar activities 

And if you do not have expertise in these areas, please team up with a top progressive web app development company as they will build your virtual product and make it capable of voice search, resulting in an excellent user experience.  

4. Faster Load Time

The loading speed of your site plays a significant role in offering your users a fantastic experience and taking your bottom line to the next level. Thus, if you want your website or web app to load fast and deliver quick results, you must collaborate with a top progressive web app development company as they know which plugins and tools to use to construct a swift-loading app or site. 

5. Improved Visibility on Search Engines 

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the most crucial factors to take into consideration when building a website or a web app. Do you know why? Well, SEO has the potential to make your website appear on the first page of search engine results which will further grow the number of your visitors, leads, and conversions. 

So, if you are looking to have an effective sales and marketing tool for your establishment along with a gorgeous-looking website or web app, getting a PWA developed using the latest SEO techniques is the best way to go. But, who will do this task for you? Of course, a top progressive web app development company.  

The End Note

Finally, you consumed all the important information about Progressive Web Apps through this piece of content. Hence, if you loved whatever you learned from this primer and want to have a PWA of your own, it is in your best interest to set up a formal meeting with the top executives of a top progressive web app development company.

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