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e-commerce - E-commerce success factors in 10 steps

e-commerce - E-commerce success factors in 10 steps

e-commerce - E-commerce success factors in 10 steps After the wide spread of the Internet, and the prosperity of e-commerce, the search rate for the most important factors for the success of e-commerce increased, after changing the purchasing habits of consumers in the wake of the Corona crisis invading the world during the past years, and because achieving success in the e-commerce is not difficult, so we decided to answer all questions. The questions raised, and present all the factors and explain the methods of success in e-commerce, so follow the next few lines with us to know all the details.

e-commerce - E-commerce success factors in 10 steps

What is e-commerce in simple words?

Before we go into mentioning the success factors of e-commerce, we must first get to know the concept of this trade. E-commerce is defined as a process of commercial exchange, buying, and selling of goods over the Internet, whether through websites dedicated to that, or through various social media sites, at any time and anywhere in the world via computers and mobile phones.

E-commerce success factors

There are a group of interdependent factors that work together to contribute to the success of e-commerce, and among the most important factors for the success of e-commerce, we find the following:

  1. Establishing a successful online store
  2. Interest in good marketing through social media sites
  3. Providing a copy of the mobile phone online store
  4. Interest in providing strong customer service
  5. Providing a return and exchange service for products on easy terms
  6. Provide free shipping service to customers
  7. Facilitate payment by providing several different payment methods
  8. Motivate new customers and reward loyal customers
  9. Pay attention to updating the store on a regular basis
  10. Interest in offering a variety of high-quality commodities at reasonable prices

Another source suggests that the most crucial factor in the success of your e-commerce business is the quality of the products you are selling. According to, three important factors for long-term e-commerce success are product, audience, and value proposition.

Finally, suggests that user experience (UX) is one of the most important factors in your e-commerce business success. 90% of users won’t return to your site if they have a bad experience.

Establishing a successful online store

Establishing a successful online store: Establishing your online store professionally is the first factor in the success of e-commerce, as you need to create a store through which you can display the goods and products that you sell, or display the services that you will provide. In order for your online store to attract many customers, it must leave a distinct impression on them first, and therefore some points must be taken into account when designing the online store, which we explain in the following points:

  • The interface of the online store should be attractive and interesting, explaining the information in an attractive way, but it should not be crowded with details.
  • The store supports at least two languages.
  • That shopping is done easily through the departments of the store.

In order to ensure that your online store is established correctly, it is necessary to seek the help of experts in establishing websites, in order to ensure that your store is established professionally and distinctly, so if you want to design a website for your business, we advise you to seek the help of a company specialized in designing websites and electronic stores such as Authority Era, which has been able to prove its success in web design over the past 8 years.

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