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Glutathione IV Therapy – A Complete Guide

Glutathione IV Therapy – A Complete Guide

The tricks to look younger have been in place for centuries. People have always been curious to learn about the secret ingredients to retain the youthful glow on the face. However, it is not that simple. We are blessed with certain natural ingredients built within our bodies that are instrumental in ensuring our skin doesn’t lose its elasticity to look dry and dull. However, due to a bad lifestyle, we cancel out these ingredients to show their effects on us with strength. One such ingredient is Glutathione which is produced by our body naturally. But as we age, we lose the effects or produce lower amounts which makes an iv glutathione in dubai a last resort to restore this helpful antioxidant. 


What is Glutathione?

Made with a combination of three amino acids knowns as cysteine, glycine, and glutamine, Glutathione is a powerful tripeptide. Its sticky sulphur chemical group attracts all the bad molecules in the body and neutralizes them for good. Once cleansed of these free radicals, the body’s immune systems get a massive boost that is reflected on the skin. 


What is Glutathione IV Therapy?

Glutathione IV therapy is exercised to inject glutathione into the body. By bypassing the gastrointestinal tract, this process ensures that the nutrients are added directly to the bloodstream ensuring no loss. However, make sure to get this treatment performed by a licensed practitioner available at Wellness Atelier Clinic.


Skin Lightening – Major Benefit of Glutathione 

One of the major reasons why most people are heading towards glutathione IV therapy is that it works effectively in lightening skin tone. As it enters the body, it deactivates the enzyme, tyrosinase, which is mainly responsible for the production of melanin in the body. Melanin is a substance that causes skin pigmentation among others. The presence of melanin means darker skin, eyes, and hair. Though it works magically for those who wish to achieve a lighter skin tone, it is counter-effective for those who wish for tanned skin. 


How long does Glutathione take to Lighten Skin?

It largely depends on the skin tone and your patience level. It usually takes at least three to four weeks to notice the results after a gulta therapy. If you remain persistent and continue the treatment for months or as prescribed by your practitioner, you are likely to witness a considerable change to skin tone in 2 to 3 months especially if you have light-medium brown skin. 


Other Benefits of Glutathione IV Therapy


Protection from Chronic Illness

Patients suffering from chronic illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, cancer, heart disease, etc. are observed to be low on glutathione. It happens due to the influence of toxins which results in oxidative stress. Glutathione IV therapy infused the body with antioxidant powers to remove these toxins and the formation of stress.


Slow Aging Process

Glutathione works super efficiently on impairing damaged cells and thus halting the ageing process. As our bodies become free of free radicals, change becomes apparent in the strength of hair, nails, and skin. After getting the therapy, you will notice an improvement in the overall skin looking much younger and fresher. 


Enhanced Athletic Abilities

Glutathione also works to boost muscle strength and endurance helping your body to cover from incidents of muscle damage. Instead of boosting fats, it encourages the body to build muscular strength. If you want to improve your athletic abilities, get a glutathione drip. 


Controlled Inflammation

The free radicals are responsible for causing inflammation in the body. As glutathione works against free radicals, your body is in a better place to fight inflammation by getting rid of the damaging molecules. 


Detoxified Liver

Glutathione is highly concentrated in the liver. They work actively in the liver to flush away toxins. They are ideally responsible for the improved health of the liver, especially in case of fatty liver disease.


Side Effects

Glutathione IV Therapy is generally considered safe. However, some people may feel discomfort due to varying reasons. Some of the common and known reactions of glutathione are;

  • Allergic Reactions
  • Cramping
  • Bloating
  • Low Zinc levels
  • Headaches
  • Toxicity of the Nervous System
  • Toxicity of the kidney and liver


Glutathione is rapidly becoming popular among people, especially ladies. Due to its effectiveness against darker skin tones and dull skin, more and more people are looking for experts to get a Gluta Drip Dubai. Reach out to us if you want to bring a noticeable change to your skin and tone. 

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