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Top 3 Legal Services Offered at Washington Law Partners

Top 3 Legal Services Offered at Washington Law Partners

If one runs a business, they require legal help for its functioning. Legislation for problems such as establishing an entity, partnership disputes and other legal issues also need to be addressed. Here is when individuals seek the help of professional advice from expert attorneys who offer the best legal services.

In this blog, the leading attorneys at Washington Law Partners, the Best Law Firm in DC, have discussed the 3 common legal services in the United States. Continue reading to learn more.

1. Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process of deciding how to safeguard, manage, and distribute a person's assets after their demise. It also takes into account how a person would manage their financial liabilities and assets if they become disabled. It is basically the process of transferring assets from one generation to the next. Assets that are included in a person's estate are houses, cars, insurance, pensions, debt, stocks, vehicles etc. 

Estate planning can be started at any point of time.

Why is Estate Planning Important? 

An estate plan is so important because the assets would be passed on to the probate court. This can put an unnecessary burden on the heirs and other family members who are left to deal with sorting out the finances. Planning can also help reduce income, gift, and estate taxes and ensure that the assets are distributed to the chosen people. 

Without a will or other estate planning documents, the state's laws will control what happens to the property, and the court will decide who receives custody of the children. Estate planning helps the testator and their family in making wise decisions. It helps better understand why an individual should get an estate plan. Here are the various advantages of having an estate plan:

  • Provides good future security for the family
  • Helps in providing a future plan for the children
  • Estate planning helps in reducing expenses
  • Helps to avoid the big delay that puts a strain on the family members
  • Provides future security that the property goes to the right beneficiaries
  • Discovering trustees over the individual’s estate.

2. Probate

Probate is a legal process for distributing deceased individuals' property to their heirs and beneficiaries and settling debts. The probate process carries the instructions set up in the person's will. If there is no will, it follows the state law. 

But the court does not do all this work alone. A personal representative, hired by the probate judge, takes control of the job. There are other kinds of personal representatives, but the executor and estate administrator are the ones most likely to work. An executor is a person named in a deceased person's will to carry out their instructions. If the deceased person dies without leaving a will, the courts will appoint an estate administrator to oversee the probate procedure.

How Can a Probate Lawyer at Washington Law Partners Help? 

A probate lawyer, also known as a probate attorney, is hired by an executor in the will of a deceased individual to assist the clients in fulfilling the role of a personal representative, administrator or executor of the estate. They ensure that the assets of the individual are dealt with proper care.

The expert Probate Lawyer in Washington DC knows each step of the probate process, understands the challenges experienced throughout the process and can effectively manage the estate’s administration. They can also deal with the beneficiaries or heirs who are unsatisfied with what they inherit. When one chooses a reliable probate lawyer, one can keep their mind at peace as the attorneys help finalize and administer the estate, ensuring that the rights are well-protected at each step. They also handle every type of probate for small or less valued estates and formal estates.


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