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Last-Minute Moving House & Packing Tips

Maddy Pappas
Last-Minute Moving House & Packing Tips

Moving house can be equal parts stressful, emotional, and overwhelming. This unique combination of feelings can work together to make the process feel near impossible. Especially if you’re in a situation where time is of the essence.

Rather than throwing things into boxes and worrying about them at a later date, there are ways to pack effectively in the face of time constraints. In fact, by employing a few simple tips and tricks, last-minute packing can feel seamless. 

7 tips for packing up a house last-minute 

When it comes to last-minute packing, it’s important to employ processes that maximise efficiencies. This means approaching packing not only with the right supplies but also with a plan in place. 

By being prepared, you can still pack safely and effectively while the clock is ticking. This not only ensures that your possessions can remain in great condition, but it also makes it easier to unpack down the line. 

1. Use the right supplies

The best tip for packing, whether you’re packing last minute or looking to get a jump start, is to use the right supplies. Professional packing boxes come in a variety of sizes and you can trust their sturdiness when it comes to housing your valuable possessions. 

Apart from boxes, invest in tape, scissors, and bubble wrap. Look to have a range of permanent markets and fragile stickers to mark your boxes accordingly. Depending on the number of boxes you are needing to move, renting a handcart may also be worthwhile.  

2. Compile a checklist

Once you have the right supplies, think about your home and what needs to be packed versus what the removalists will be taking. By going through each room and jotting down what needs to be packed, you can form a clear plan of attack. 

Breaking down packing into a room-by-room checklist can make the moving process less stressful and more efficient. With a checklist in hand, you can determine how much time is needed for each space, which helps you stay on track and avoid last-minute scrambling.

By allocating the appropriate amount of time to each room, you can ensure that you're properly packed in time for the deadline, and reduce the likelihood of forgetting important items or leaving anything behind.

3. Take time to declutter

While time may be of the essence, you can still work to declutter your belongings. Whether picking up objects to pack them or declutter, you are not using any extra time. In fact, you will save yourself from having to bubble wrap and carefully pack things unnecessarily. 

Rather than making multiple trips to garbage disposal or local donation sites, create a donation area. This way, once you’re finished packing, you can load the car once for maximum donation/disposal efficiency. 

4. Learn how to pack properly

While it may seem like fitting certain objects into different size boxes is relatively easy, there are packing measures to embrace and ones to avoid. By learning how to pack properly, you save yourself from lifting boxes that are way too heavy. 

With this in mind, take the time to learn common packing methods. For example, when packing away pots and pans, using the nest system is a great tip. When it comes to packing away the home library, don’t fill a box with books, only half fill the box to save your back.

5. Set up a packing station

Whether in your garage or on your dining room table, setting up a packing station is a great tip. By having all your materials in one place, you can quickly transport items to the station and get packing. This is much more efficient and easier on the body than packing on the floor. 

6. Pack room by room

When packing up a house it can be hard to notice the progress you are making. Packing room by room solves this. It is also a much more efficient way to pack than moving around the house trying to keep all the photo frames or trinkets together.

7. Keep essentials handy

Oftentimes when packing last minute a certain sense of frenzy takes over. This can result in bathroom products being packed with linens and kitchen items being loaded into the back of the moving truck. 

By working under the principle of keeping essential items handy, you can make life easier during the entire moving process. With this in mind, load the washer and dryer, and fridge into the moving truck last and carefully label plates and the like, and transport them yourself. 

How to pack efficiently when time is of the essence

Whether packing up a small, medium-sized, or large house, the moving process can be incredibly involved. Everything in the home from photos, rugs, and bookshelves to fridges, special trinket items, and mattresses needs to be packed and accounted for. 

With this in mind, last-minute packing can feel like too big an obstacle to overcome. However, by learning and implementing a few simple packing tips and tricks, you can pack efficiently and effectively no matter how short your timeframe may seem. 

Maddy Pappas
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