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Why should we know about French impressionist painters?

Why should we know about French impressionist painters?

French impressionist painters were a group of painters who came into the spotlight during the late 19th century. They came up with a unique style of painting. They focussed on capturing and drawing the moments of daily life. You should know about certain painters like Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Edgar Degas, and Camille Pissarro.

Reasons to know about French Impressionist painters

You need to notice the painters' influence on society and artworks in the 19th century. Their use of light and colour are the key factors why you need to have an idea about the painters.

Monet is one of the reputed painters. He is well known for the paintings he tends to provide. He offered paintings of water lilies drawn in his garden of Giverny. If you wish for paintings for portraits of people, especially women, Renoir is best known for this and the use of vibrant colours. Degas is exceptionally known for their paintings of dancers and the use of multiple angles and perspectives.

This impressionist movement began in France in the 1860s and continued till the 1980s. Loose brushstrokes and bright colours were also used, which provided a touch of movement and reflection of reality.

Monet as, a French impressionist painter

Claude Monet is a painter widely known for using elements like light and colours. He was born in the year 1840. He started painting as a teenager and got the signature style in the 1870s. Scenes like landscapes and moments of everyday routine were heavily displayed in his paintings. The paintings offer the effects of light and atmosphere as well.

His water lily painting is very famous among people of all ages. The flowers in his paintings were a highlight of his home in Giverny. He used vibrant colours and loose brushstrokes as well.

Monet is still valued for his artwork. Many people are inspired by the way Monet used the effect of light and colour. He has significantly contributed to the impressionist movement. He is one of the reasons why modern art has been flourishing nowadays.

Pissaro as a French impressionist painter

Camille Pissarro was one of the essential French Impressionist painters who contributed unique styles. Collectors and art enthusiasts of the world greatly value his paintings.

He was born in 1830 on the St. Thomas Island. In 1855, he moved to Paris and became one of the essential parts of the impressionist movement. He also used vibrant colour palettes and loose brushstrokes in his paintings. His paintings highlighted landscapes as well. He used to experiment with various styles and techniques like pointillism and divisionism.

Final Thoughts

If you wish to learn about French impressionist painters, you can easily have a taste of appreciating the beauty of life. The painting comes up with a touch of modern life. Moreover, it can take you back to the era in which it was created or made. These painters can only offer that if you wish to gain knowledge of worldwide artworks and culture.

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