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21 Trending Dog Clothes Wholesale & Selection Guide

21 Trending Dog Clothes Wholesale & Selection Guide

Did you know that the original intention of people to dress pets in clothes was actually to protect them from the cold environment and bad weather. However, over time, wholesale dog clothes has developed more functions and uses, with an abundance of styles. And it’s also a way to show both owner and dog’s fashion and style. Buying dog clothing has become a common choice in many pet households these days.

This article will present you the 21 most popular wholesale dog clothes. These costumes not only put your pooch in the spotlight, but also provide them with extra protection and comfort.

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1. Sports Dog Clothes Wholesale

wholesale dog clothes

Sports wind sweater, the perfect combination of fashion and sports! This classic and timeless dog outfit is a hit. Patterns can be DIY to show personalized style. The comfortable and warm design is suitable for indoor and outdoor activities, and the multi-function buttons and soft materials ensure comfort. No matter how the trend changes, this most classic style will always be liked.

2. Cartoon Pattern Dog Clothes Wholesale

wholesale dog clothes2

T-shirts with cute cartoon patterns are the clothing that can most clearly see the trend change. These t-shirts stand out for their lively and fun cartoon graphics that are able to give pets a lively and cute look. The graphic printed on the T-shirt is the biggest factor in determining whether the garment will be popular or not.

3. Summer Cool Vest

wholesale dog clothes3 1

The Summer Cooling Vest is designed to help keep pets cool and comfortable on hot days. These tank tops are usually made of lightweight, breathable fabrics such as cotton, linen or polyester to allow for air circulation and moisture management. Their clean and lightweight design gives puppies plenty of room to stretch out on hot days.

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4. Stylish Denim Jacket

wholesale dog clothes4

These denim jackets usually come in a variety of styles and cuts to suit puppies of different sizes and breeds. They can be classic single-breasted or stylish with pockets and decorative buttons. Denim jackets have a wide variety of details and decorations like embroidery, rivets, patches, etc. that add to the personality and charm of the dog clothing.

5. Cozy Hooded Dog Clothes Wholesale

wholesale dog clothes5

Made from soft, lightweight fabric, this hooded dog costume is designed for maximum comfort for your puppy.

They are must-have pet clothing for puppies in all seasons, which can not only protect puppies from direct sunlight, but also provide them with moderate shade and protection. What’s more, the hoodie is easy to wash and maintain for daily use.

6. Wacky Animal Shaped Dog Clothes Wholesale

wholesale dog clothes6

The Wacky Animal Costume is a unique and fun pet costume. They transform puppies into other cute animal characters. Made from soft, comfortable material, these costumes are great for everyday wear while providing fun and entertainment for your pup.

If you’re looking to wholesale unique and fun pet clothing, quirky animal clothing is an excellent choice. Not only do they make the puppy look cute, but they also bring laughter and fun to you and your family. Of course, you can also contact us directly to get the latest pet clothing and other pet supplies.

7. Adjustable Suspender Skirt

wholesale dog clothes7

The unique feature of the suspender skirt is its adjustable design. The skirt is equipped with adjustable back straps, which allow you to flexibly adjust it according to your puppy’s size and needs, ensuring a comfortable fit.

8. Soft Fluffy Dog Clothes Wholesale

wholesale dog clothes8

Made of high quality fleece material. The fleece jacket is designed to be both stylish and functional. It can provide an extra layer of insulation for puppies, keeping cold air out, keeping puppies cozy and warm in cold weather. The fluffy coat also protects your puppy’s skin from irritation and dryness.

9. Fashionable Plaid Dog Clothes Wholesale

wholesale dog clothes

A classic plaid shirt is timeless and stylish no matter the time of day. Change the plaid pattern and you’ll get a whole new shirt with a vintage twist. It can be used as daily clothing to keep your puppy looking stylish and charming all the time. Perfect for all occasions.

10. Spring Floral Dress

wholesale dog clothes10

Made from lightweight fabric, this dress is breathable and comfortable, keeping your pup cool on hot days. The floral decoration infuses a touch of romance and femininity, making the pup look as cute as a blooming flower on a spring day.

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11. Lightweight Dog Raincoat

wholesale dog clothes

A lightweight raincoat is one of the must-have pet clothing for summer. Waterproof and windproof, this raincoat effectively protects against rain, wind and snow. It is designed with the puppy’s comfort and freedom of movement in mind, so that the puppy can still run and play freely in rainy days without being restricted by the rain.

Another advantage of this raincoat is that it is easy to clean and maintain. All you need to do is wipe or wash to remove rain, mud, and grime, keeping the raincoat tidy and durable.

12. Trendy Conjoined Dog Clothes Wholesale

wholesale dog clothes12

On-trend denim one-pieces are an integral part of the fashion world’s pet collection. It combines classic denim with a trendy one-piece design. This trendy denim jumpsuit is not just a continuation of traditional denim style, it is a unique expression of personality. The clever use of metal buttons and patches makes the one-piece look more eye-catching and creates a distinctive fashion image for your pet.

13. Cozy Pajamas

wholesale dog clothes

Pajamas, as the name suggests, are ideal for providing pets with a comfortable night’s sleep. Usually have a loose design, so that the puppies do not feel restrained. Moreover, the material of pajamas is often light and breathable, which can bring ultimate comfort to pets. Let pets enjoy a good sleep time.

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14. Classic Suit Look

wholesale dog clothes14

The classic suit shape is a big hit in the pet fashion world. Inspired by the designs of human suits, they combine elegance and style. The classic suit look includes a slim fit, lapel collar, button-front design and flush cut for a refined and elegant look for pets. They are often paired with details such as ties or bow ties, adding a touch of formality and style.

15. Trendy Down Vest

wholesale dog clothes

These down vests are typically made from lightweight yet warm materials such as soft nylon fabric and filled with high-quality down. They have excellent thermal properties and provide extra protection for puppies in cold weather. At the same time, they are also breathable and soft to the touch, ensuring that puppies feel comfortable while wearing them.

16. Sparkly Party Dress

wholesale dog clothes

A doggie fashion dress perfect for a party, if you’re a total theater lover, of course! You can put it on for your puppy in daily life. Check out these glittering sequins, sequins and gorgeous embroidery, these party gowns are made with attention to details such as ornate necklines, elegant pleats and fringe embellishments which add to the luxurious and unique charm of the party gowns.

Not only for formal occasions, but also for special photo shoots, social media presentations or fashion shows. They are a hot item in the puppy fashion world, becoming trend-followed for their sparkling looks and great designs.

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17. Summer Cool Swimsuit

wholesale dog clothes

The swimsuit is made of quick-drying material that quickly absorbs and wicks away moisture, keeping your pup dry and comfortable in summer. These swimsuits also feature sun protection for extra protection for your pup.

18. Fun Halloween Dog Clothes Wholesale

wholesale dog clothes

It’s really fun, people love to dress up their pets in funny ways for Halloween.

From cute little wizards to scary zombie dogs, the fun Halloween costumes cover a variety of themes and characters. You can choose an outfit related to your favorite movie, animation or story, let it play that role and look charming.

Take them to community events and take cute photos to upload to social networks! Can get a lot of likes!

19. Fun Alphabet T-Shirt

wholesale dog clothes

We love puppies! Dog owners want to imprint their love for their puppies everywhere they can see them.

Put funny text on your puppy t-shirt to make it a unique and personalized trendy pet item.

Show off your special bond and love for your puppy by wearing one of these personalized t-shirts!

20. Cute Graphic Knitwear

wholesale dog clothes

Animals, fruits, bows, all cute patterns can be perfectly integrated into knitting. The jerseys are made from the softest material and they are extremely breathable without making your puppy uncomfortable. In addition, the elastic design of the sweater also allows the puppy to move freely without any restraint.

21. Resort Style Printed Shirt

wholesale dog clothes

We generally discourage puppies from wearing clothes in the summer, but these resort-inspired printed T-shirts offer something special. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear without adding any burden to your dog. In addition, they can effectively block the harsh summer sun and protect your pets from exposure. What’s more, these T-shirts can add endless fun to your holidays for you and your pup to enjoy the wonderful summer time together. Whether going on vacation or lounging at the beach, they are a great choice. Let your puppy show a stylish vacation style and create unforgettable memories with you!

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Things to Look Out for When Choosing Dog Clothing

(1) Choice of Fabric

Opting for a stretch fabric is a wise choice as it provides better comfort and freedom of movement for your dog. Blended fabrics may be better suited than pure cotton because they offer better stretch and breathability. Such a fabric not only expands and contracts with the dog’s movements, but also keeps the air flowing, making the dog feel comfortable and light when wearing it. So, when choosing wholesale dog clothes, remember to give preference to those styles that are made of stretchy and breathable blend fabrics that will provide your pooch with the best wearing experience.

(2) Size selection

Make sure the dog clothing you buy is the right size, neither too restrictive for your dog’s movements nor too large for your dog’s comfort. Use the sizing guide when shopping for sizes, and note that it is important to measure your pet clothing to ensure that the clothing you choose is the right fit for your pet. Here are a few measurement steps:

1.Topline measurement: Use a tape measure to measure the overall length from the base of the dog’s neck (where the collar is placed) to the beginning of the tail (not the tip).

2. Under Chest Area: Place the tape measure on top of the dog’s chest (starting at the bottom of the throat), then stretch the tape between the front legs until it reaches the ribcage, stop and record the measurement.

3. Circumference measurement: Place the tape measure behind the dog’s front legs and around the top of its ribs to measure around the chest.

4.Neck Measurement: Don’t forget to measure your dog’s neck as this will affect the fit of the collar or scarf. Starting at the top of the chest, run the tape measure around the neck, making sure the measurement is slightly loose enough to fit 2 fingers.

(3) It should be easy to put on and take off

Consider ease of donning and doffing when choosing dog clothing. Clothing openings or buttons should be easily accessible and not cause distress or discomfort to the dog. Clothing materials with better stretch are also easier to put on and take off.

(4) Security considerations

Make sure the dog clothing you buy doesn’t have small loose trim pieces or parts that your dog could chew on. Avoid overly complicated designs or decorations that may endanger your dog’s safety to ensure safety while wearing.

It should be noted that not every dog enjoys wearing clothes. Some puppies feel constricted and out of place when dressed, while others enjoy the experience of being clothed. Deciding whether or not to dress your dog is entirely up to your judgment.

If your dog has the following behaviors when getting dressed, then you need to pay attention:

1. Uncomfortable movements: If your puppy frequently licks, chews, scratches, or makes other unusual movements while wearing clothes, it may be because they are uncomfortable.

2. Difficulty breathing: If your puppy is short of breath or has difficulty breathing while wearing clothing, this may indicate that the clothing is putting pressure on its respiratory system.

3. Restricted movement: If the puppy cannot move freely or walk unsteadily while wearing clothes, it may be because the clothes are too tight or not suitable.

4. Agitation or irritability: If the puppy shows agitation, irritability or restlessness when getting dressed, it may be because they are not used to wearing clothes or the clothes are not comfortable.

Light avoidance or avoidance: If puppies show avoidance or avoidance behavior when they see clothing, it may be because they don’t like to wear clothes or have a resistance to clothing.

Hope these stylish and functional dog costumes will grace your pet. Whether you’re a pet supply reseller or a pet store owner, our expert selection guide will help you find the right wholesale dog clothes.

If you would like to know more about wholesale pet supplies, we cordially invite you to visit Brobopet website. There you will find more high-quality products and professional services to meet your pursuit of pet fashion.

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