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Tips to Manage Sleep with Chronic Pain

Danial Smith
Tips to Manage Sleep with Chronic Pain

Are you struggling with chronic pain? If so, insomnia or sleep disturbance is common. Lack of peaceful sleep and chronic pain are related to each other, actually one is triggered due to the other another. While chronic pain doesn’t let you sleep well, lack of sleep will further aggravate your pain symptoms. 

That said, sleep disturbances due to chronic pain can occur in several ways. Situations such as being awake frequently at night, waking up early in the morning, difficulty to fall asleep, and you are not fresh when you wake up. 

In case you are experiencing these insomnia symptoms, here are some little-known tips that may help you regain your sleeping routine and cycle in place. 

Consuming foods that may induce better sleep

You can consume certain foods in your daily routine that will help you increase the level of tryptophan in your body. The enzyme is a certain kind of protein that is essential for the production of the sleep-regulating hormone, serotonin. Increased levels of tryptophan will help to reduce the time take to fall asleep, promote more restful sleep, and thereby improve alertness in the morning. Top examples of such foods are: 

· Carbohydrates, which are high glycemic index. 

· Fruits such as Kiwi and cherries. 

· Whole foods, like pulses, fatty fish and shell fish 

Making such dietary changes will help to improve your condition but you must consult your doctor first before such changes. 

Practice Yoga Daily

Yoga is a body-mind therapy and through these physical poses, you can relax your muscles. You can take training under a professional yoga trainer and practice rhythmic breathing and meditation. Breathing exercises have proven to be quite helpful to improve our bodily processes. 

We always suggest our clients to take help from a licensed yoga instructor. The person can tailor the yoga plans and poses as per the requirements of your body and work on the root causes. In case, you experience more pain while performing these exercises, your yoga therapists will help you. 

Taking a short stride in the evening

If you are working from your office and always sitting in front of your desk, the chances you get very less chances to move yourself and that may also be a reason for the pain in your back. If you are already struggling with back pain and you find it difficult to sleep, you can try an evening stride that will promote better sleep. 

When you walk, your core body temperature increase. The temperature drops due to the heat dissipation mechanisms of the body, it will further result in lowering body temperature and helps to promote your sleep cycle. 

These tips will help you in pain management in US Virgin Islands. If you are looking for sports medicine in US Virgin Islands, you can reach out to us. 

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Danial Smith
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