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The Art of Wood Paneling: 5 Wood Paneling Makeover Ideas You'll Love

STS Homes
The Art of Wood Paneling: 5 Wood Paneling Makeover Ideas You'll Love

The word panel painting denotes a picture painted on a panel with one piece or different penal made with wood. On the other hand, copper and other rigid uses until canvas became common and famous in the 16th century, and flexible paintings in Europe were generated on panels. Day by day, they were exclusively famous with painters making altarpieces and miniatures, who might use wood or copper panels. Different construction companies work according to their customer's desire, and STS Homes are one of them.

STS Homes work closely with their customers to better understand their idea regarding their home renovation because we have the best interior designer Toronto people renew their homes for various reasons, increasing the value of their house, updating their home design, or creating some more space in their rooms or kitchen.

We have a reliable and experienced bedroom designer for your objects and can hire the best guidance for your projects to modify your room's look and might consider installing other high-quality, wood decorative wall alternatives like shiplap, wainscoting, wood works, and many more options.

The most important thing is how to update wood paneling look over these five wood paneling makeover ideas,

  1. Paint the wood paneling:

               Paint the wood paneling is one of the easiest and quickest wood paneling makeovers ever. A fresh coat is the right option for home renovation under STS Homes' expert advice.

  1. Work with mixed Wood:

               You can enhance the beauty of your room, kitchen and home by mixing different types of wood or unique stains. A mixed collection of wood slats can bring a fresh look to a previous room.

  1. Embrace quality work:

               It is a popular wood paneling-like drop siding to produce a three-dimensional design on your wall. Instead of wood flush with the wall, you choose to beaded wood panels or chamfered v-groove boards.

  1. Plywood and veneer:

               It's the best option for your home upgrading on a budget, use plywood wallboard and cover it with the veneer of your wood, such as white oak or maple. You can also use pallets of solid hardwood or buy peel-and-stick wood veneer and attach it to your plywood wall slats.

  1. Wood paneling used as a backsplash:

                It's a common and popular style in kitchens and bathrooms. Wood can work the same purpose, provided you finish it with a watertight seal. Wood paneling can also be used as the backing for bookshelves.

STS Homes
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