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Modern Cat Furniture Beats the Old School Cat Trees

Oliver Castillo

As you are parenting your furry little friend, you already know these felines need things to climb, scratch, and rest to be happy and playful. We have spoken umpteen times that felines are benefitted from a well-designed cat tree house because it not only satisfies the natural instinct but also promotes strength, balance, and agility. 

But before you buy high quality cat scratching posts cum bed for your cat, you must also consider their needs. Particularly, if you are short of space at home, designer cat furniture can offer benefits beyond what a bulky and old school cat tree can offer. Here we unfold some benefits of modern cat scratching posts.

They are good to look at

If you have checked the modern cat furniture online stores in UK, you will know that the pieces of cat furniture the stores offer are too pleasing to look at. After all, where you will get those pint-sized, shag-covered jungle gym that is not only compact but also blends with your interiors beautifully. You can easily incorporate the attributes of a cat tree into a stylish piece of furniture so to enjoy a more pleasing addition to your living space.


Irrespective of where you put the piece of cat furniture, the same will become a centerpiece of any room. If you get our modern cat furniture, it will blend with your surroundings. So, the space will not scream “home of our cat” to everyone who enters the space.

You can buy a piece of furniture with a litter box

The modern cat furniture is designed with  lot of thought and convenience. If you check into some of the modern cat furniture stores in UK, you will find that there are some pieces available with a litter box too. However, you need to train your feline for the same, but it will become too convenient for you and your pet.


The best part about this modern cat furniture is that they can perform multiple functions. For example, a cat posts with bed acts as a scratching post, the cat can climb up and down to calm its natural instinct and take rest on its bed after a long day. Most of the modern cat furniture pieces are designed keeping this in mind.

Maximize the Size

We already mentioned the multifunctionality of this modern cat furniture and getting this in your homes will help you do less real estate and more benefits. The pieces of modern cat furniture can replace an existing old school cat scratching post. In short, we want to say that a cat tree will not occupy a huge floor in your home.

Avail these benefits and buy high-quality cat scratching posts from us here.

Oliver Castillo
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