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Importance of using White space in UI design

Importance of using White space in UI design

The world we live in is surrounded by digital elements. So every website needs to fit into the specific screen sizes to achieve maximum users to the website. Some businesses try to even fill the white space or negative space to achieve more visitors to the website.

White space is the area between the visual design elements. They can be found in between paragraphs,  layouts, different UI designs, etc. White space can also be a color, texture, pattern, and even a background image. It is one of the major elements of UI design where it can change the design and provide various advantages to the websites when used correctly.

When a designer designs a website it should be smooth and make the user more engaging when they visit the website. White spaces are capable of creating more visual effects on the website a give a better user experience. It is categorized into two types based on density.

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1. Micro white space

It is mostly the small space between the design elements. It can be mainly found between the lines and paragraphs. It makes the material more visible by carefully adjusting the amount of space between the smallest pieces, which will improve the overall design and prevent cluttering.

2. Macro white spaces

It is the large space between the major design elements. It is mostly found on the left and right of most websites' content. These spaces divide the elements and provide a visual effect of functionality readability.

Benefits of Whitespaces in UI Design

1. Enhance Readability and Comprehension

One of the main advantages of using white spaces is that it makes both readability and comprehension better in UI design. Spaces between the texts are very much essential to define the content and enhance comprehension by 20%. With larger space, the user gets a better reading experience. Sometimes too of white spaces between the lines can break the readability and make the design unconnected.

2. Enhance Attention and Focus

It gives a better user experience with the interactive content. It also helps in creating the focal points and directs the user to a specific area. Several visual features are added to enhance these elements. The printing industries use white spaces to grab more attention to the brand messages.


3. Improve Interaction Rates

According to the survey, the average time of an internet user is around 6 seconds. Utilizing whitespace efficiently can enable the UI design to quickly convey the message to users and improve interaction rates by highlighting the Call to Action. A designer must establish channels of communication between consumers and the design where whitespace can assist in doing that.

4. Creates more Visual Grading

Visual hierarchy attracts more users to the websites by creating different levels of priority. The most important information should be at the top and bold for more visibility and whereas the small boxes at the bottom are the least focused elements.

5. Produce the Ideal Balance

Having a perfect balance of the white or negative spaces creates more consistency. Too many uncluttered images and content make it difficult to understand. So creating a good balance between space, text, and images add more value to the website.

6. Give Attention to Call to Action buttons

Adding white space in the user interface has the crucial advantage of grabbing greater attention to your call to action. The conversion rates depend on your call to action. It is difficult to stand out, especially if there are jumbling of multiple materials and visuals. Therefore, use white space to position your CTA in a useful manner then the conversion rates will be increased.

7. Enhance the Professional look

The importance that designers have on this element is frequently attributed to the site design. Every component of the website is carefully planned by the designers to fit the brand and the business. When the website is crowded with information, features, and images with a lack of space, then the white space will fix the problem.


White space has different purposes in different websites as it serves as a powerful tool in designers' toolbox. It is also an integral part of the visual design with different elements. White space is a part of user Experience design systems as it helps in creating a more consistent design.

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