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What do graduates of online MBA programs in finance do with their degrees?

What do graduates of online MBA programs in finance do with their degrees?

Who Should Go for an MBA in Finance?

Are you adept at handling money? A wise financial manager. Have you ever wondered how the antics of finance surround everyone? Finance permeates everything you encounter, from getting a cup of tea in the morning to purchasing a new home. 

You want to pursue a career in finance. Specifically, a job requiring an MBA in finance program. What's best? An online MBA finance program is now available. Let's first examine what an MBA is in detail.

To learn more, you must enroll in a JAIN Online MBA in Finance program. 

What is an MBA in Finance?

A Master of Business Administration, or MBA, is a degree. Everything you need to know about managing a business is covered in this course. But when you specialize in finance, you get the best of both worlds: you learn how to manage finances while learning the fundamentals of running a business.

With an MBA specializing in Finance, you will develop the following skills-

Analytical thinking

An MBA in finance can help you become more analytical. It implies that you must have both technical and people skills and be nimble on your feet. With an analytical mind, you would be better at market research, economic reporting, proactive financing, and risk assessment. 

Expertise in Finance

You can master financial and accounting concepts by earning an MBA in finance program. It will assist you in obtaining a lucrative position in the future, such as a Financial Consultant or Accounts Consultant.

Business knowledge

A company needs a financial expert to function. They are essential to the effective operation of any business. You can easily and effectively manage your business with tools like SAP, Oracle, and Tableau.

Learning to use a financial model

You can determine the company's worth more easily with the aid of a financial model. These models use mathematics to represent an abstract representation of a real-world financial situation.

Making financial reports

You must be aware of a crucial distinction between financial reporting and accounting. While accounting only keeps track of transactions, reporting organizes data so that it can be used to assess a company's financial standing. 

Managing cash flow

If a company doesn't manage its cash flow, it might go bankrupt. An efficient cash flow must be kept up to prevent financial setbacks.

Data analysis

Companies must have an effective data management system. They will be better able to choose and decide thanks to it.

Don't forget to take advantage of the excellent job prospects by considering an MBA in finance from JAIN Online.

Job Prospects after an MBA in Finance Degree

You can find fantastic job opportunities with an online MBA with a Finance concentration. Online MBA programs in finance are the best option if you want to advance in your career or launch your own business. Both time and money are saved. The instructors in these programs are highly qualified and professionally trained. 

The average salary offered to graduates with an online MBA specialization in finance is between INR 5- 6 lakhs annually. Additionally, some well-known companies hire these graduates.

You can have a successful career in your field with an online degree program. A finance MBA will help you succeed in the following positions:

Financial Analyst

As a financial analyst, you could implement policies and examine a company's finances as part of your duties. 

The typical annual salary for a financial analyst ranges between INR 4-5 lakhs.

Financial Managers

It is a more important role because financial managers are responsible for overseeing a group of financial analysts. They must understand more complex financial principles and relate them to overarching business objectives as part of their job. They also handle the liaison work between the financial analysts and upper management. 

Financial managers typically make between INR 7-8 lakhs a year in salary.

Accounting Manager

An accounting manager is in charge of bridging the gap between the accounting department's policies and high-level organisational goals. They choose their accounting strategies wisely. Additionally, they are responsible for maintaining confidentiality protocols to prevent the leak of any sensitive financial information. They are also in charge of the daily operations of the accounting division. An accounting manager typically makes around INR 5 lakhs annually.

Corporate Controllers

They play a hybrid role in which they are in charge of the accounting and financial departments. They are involved in all aspects of budgeting and payroll processing. They oversee the entire company's payroll, manage routine accounting and finance documents, and create forecasts. A corporate controller typically makes between INR 14 and INR 15 lakhs annually.

CFO-Chief financial officer

It is the financial department's top tier. CFOs answer directly to the company's CEO. They have the final say regarding any organization's financial policies. They are in charge of increasing return on investment and may even be tasked with acquiring new businesses. At crucial junctures in an organization's growth, they assist in securing funding. Getting to this position, though, takes time. A CFO typically earns between INR 10 and INR 11 lakh per year in salary.

Management Consultant

Graduates of accredited online MBA in finance programs with experience in the field are a perfect fit for this position. They would advance more quickly if they had a solid financial background. They are responsible for conducting research and gathering data for the company. They even predict what will and won't work for the business. To implement changes in the organization, they must also conduct workshops. In India, a management consultant makes, on average, between INR 11 and INR 12 lakh annually.


An MBA with a Finance concentration earned online is on par with traditional degrees. For those with experience, the employment prospects are the same and occasionally even better. The flexibility of this online MBA in finance program is another benefit; because it is online, you can meet all top financial executives in one location. Exams can be taken online. You won't have to move, and it is also a much better option financially. Who doesn't enjoy working and studying together, too? 

As a result, after receiving their degree, online MBA in Finance program graduates have access to the same opportunities as those who hold a regular MBA. The most significant distinction is that those who earned their degrees online did so without breaking the bank.

You can quickly pursue excellent job opportunities by choosing an online MBA from JAIN with a finance specialization.

Are you looking to pursue an online MBA Finance program? 

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