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The Big Screen Experience: Why Movie Theatres Still Matter

The Big Screen Experience: Why Movie Theatres Still Matter

An extensive screen experience is the best way to watch a movie. It's the only way to get the full impact of the sound and visuals. A movie theatre has been my sanctuary since childhood, but it can be hard to find one.

There are some great options in Christchurch City, but they're not always easy to get to or affordable. If you're like me and want movies that matter, support your Christchurch movie theatres by going out on opening weekend and beyond!

It's the giant screen!

The most giant screen is the best screen. There's no getting around it: more giant TVs are better than smaller ones, which also extends to movie theatres. A large TV will have a higher resolution and make everything look sharper than on your home set, but there are other reasons why going to the movies makes for such an incredible viewing experience.

Big screens matter because they allow you to get closer to what's happening on-screen without being distracted by things in your peripheral vision.

The sound is better

Now, you might think that your living room's sound system is good enough for you. It's not. Movie theatres' sound systems are calibrated to enhance the movie-going experience and make it enjoyable.

Christchurch Movie theatres

The first thing to note is that Christchurch Movie theatres use much bigger speakers than most people have at home. These prominent speakers allow a more significant amount of bass response--meaning they can produce lower frequencies than smaller speakers--and they're usually mounted high up on walls or ceilings so they don't get muffled by furniture or other objects obstructing them from producing clear sounds.

Many movie theatres also employ Dolby Atmos surround sound technology: an immersive audio format that makes it seem like sounds are coming from above you rather than just around or behind your head like traditional 5.1 surround sound does (more about this later). And lastly, some cinemas even have additional subwoofers placed under seats so viewers feel vibrations when certain sounds occur during action sequences!

You don't have to worry about your phone

In the age of smartphones, we're all too aware of how distracting our phones can be. There's nothing worse than sitting in a movie theatre and hearing a text notification go off or seeing someone's phone vibrate on their lap. It's rude enough to have your phone out during a movie; even worse is when you're texting or calling someone during one.

I'm sure you've sat next to someone who had their phone out during the film--it happens all the time! If this happens at your local theatre, there's not much they can do about it unless they start enforcing strict rules (which they probably won't).


There is no doubt that movie theatres are a dying breed. Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have replaced them. But there's still something special about Christchurch Movie theatres to seeing a film on the big screen with other people rather than watching it at home alone on your phone or computer screen!

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