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7 Tips to Help you Hire the Right Voice Over Artist at the Right Budget

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7 Tips to Help you Hire the Right Voice Over Artist at the Right Budget

The voice is one thing that brings your voice-over script to life. A powerful voice not just attracts the viewers but also aids the video to deliver the message in the most powerful way. Companies these days are spoilt for choice with thousands of websites and companies offering voice over services and hundreds of freelance voice-over artists available at their service, especially Arabic voice over artists. However, organizations cannot just go with any voice for their voice over script. They need to weigh the options and select the voice that is the most suitable, relevant and effective for their content, all within their budget. When deciding to hire the right voice talent, there are a few things that one needs to bear in mind.

Below are some tips that will help companies to hire the right voice talent for their next project.

1. Know your voice-over script:

Half your work is done if you know what your script is and what it actually requires. The details of the script, like the language, tone, pace, pronunciation and timing are a few things one should be absolutely clear about when approaching a voice-over artist. Because even a minute mistake in the voice over will cost you extra money and the time taken to complete the work.

2. Take recommendations:

It is always better to go with the voice that you have heard before. Do not hesitate to get reliable references from companies or friends who have used their voice in some of the other videos before.

3. Go local:

When looking for an Arabic voice-over artist, look for people who actually use Arabic as their native language than going international. This way your voice-over script will get the dialect and the tone you are looking for in the voice of it. Not just this, when you decide to go local, you also hire a talent that fits your budget of things and will also be willing to work as per your time and deadlines.

4. Quality over quantity:

There may be voice-over artists whose voices you must have heard in a lot of videos and you might be tempted to go with them. However, doing this will not only result in waiting but also going out of budget. The Arabic voice-over artists that are famous are not easy to get hold of because of their busy schedules, which is why one should also go for an artist that might have done lesser projects but has delivered quality in all of their projects.

Make sure to make your voice-over script stand out by hiring a high-quality voice-over actor.

5. Do a test run:

Before going with a voice-over artist, always make sure to test them out. Apart from seeing their previous portfolio, do not hesitate to ask as many questions as you like. To hire the right voice talent, ask them about their background and their knowledge about your company as well. This will make you gauge if they’re sincerely interested in your business.

Not just this, also take them for a test run. Get a few sample scripts done before moving to the final product.

6. Do not hesitate to give Feedback:

One of the most important aspects of trying a voice over artist for the first time is giving them the right feedback. Since the talent is working with your company for the first time, it is you who need to give them the background and later on feedback for them to know what you desire and look for. You will have to be able to communicate with them effectively and concisely.

This can be done verbally, but it is always better to keep it documented. Give written feedback on their work and explain in detail what they can do to improve the quality the next you work together. Failing to give feedback will not only result in a getting a poor-quality video but will also cost you extra to get it re-done every time you are not happy with it.

7. Keep it official:

Nothing can be worse than being stood at the last moment. Always make sure while hiring the right voice talent, you do it officially, with the right paperwork in place. When everything is in writing, it not just saves the company, but also the voice-over artist from any kind of fraud or misconduct.

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To deliver a successful and impactful message, it is important that companies give a thorough thought to hiring the right voice-over artist for their project to make it sound effective and powerful. The given points can make you go through the process more effortlessly.

Studio 52 is here to help you.

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