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Exploring IUI Treatment Cost - What to Expect and How to Plan

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Exploring IUI Treatment Cost - What to Expect and How to Plan

The social stigma surrounding infertility has gradually decreased. In the last few years, IVF and IUI clinics have conducted multiple nationwide campaigns to increase awareness about such issues. Furthermore, in 2021, the fertility rate in India was 2.03 children for every woman. Fertility issues cause a rapid decline in women achieving motherhood through traditional means. Therefore, the need for IUI treatments and ART or assisted reproductive technology has also increased. However, many people are often hesitant to approach alternative fertility treatments and methods due to the myths about IVF and IUI treatment cost.

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So, if you want to know more about fertility treatments, especially IVF and IUI treatment costs, and in-depth details about the process, this article is for you.


1.    How to plan for the IUI treatment cost?

Just like any other medical procedure and treatment, IUI treatment cost depends on several factors. Some significant factors impacting the pricing include - doctors, specialists, hospitals, insurance, your health conditions, etc. In India, when you opt for an IUI treatment, doctors consider the parents’ age, medical history, any existing health conditions, and the reason for infertility.

Also, if you don’t succeed on the first try, you can try again on your next cycle. Most aspiring parents get disheartened by the thought of a subsequent cycle, but there's nothing to be intimidated about. Reproductive sciences are complex and most couples go through more than one cycle to conceive. Although going for more than one IVF cycles is normal, you must understand the average treatment cost may increase if you opt for multiple rounds of IUI treatment.

2.    What can I expect from the IUI treatment process?

Diagnostic tests are necessary to begin the IUI treatment process. Your doctor has to know the reason for your infertility issues to recommend the best course of action. Upon diagnosis, you are prescribed medication to stimulate egg growth. Once the egg matures right before your menstrual cycle, the sperm is implanted in your uterus.

Prior to the procedure, the doctors require a semen sample from your partner or the sperm donor. The experts collect the samples an hour before the procedure to treat and prepare the same for the trigger shot.

The semen is never injected directly into the uterus, as it leads to painful uterine contractions. Therefore, the experts separate the seminal fluid from the sperm, mix it with a minute amount of liquid and transfer it into the syringe, for the shot.



IUI treatment is one of the most non-invasive fertility treatments available. And the inexpensive nature of the procedure also makes it a beacon of hope for expectant parents. The success rate of this process depends on several variables. However, according to experts, with fertility drugs and hormone therapy, the probability of success increases even more.

With this detailed IUI treatment cost guide, now, you can be better prepared to start your parenthood journey!

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