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Tips on Choosing the Right Carpet for Your Living Room; Quick Guide

Joseph Stern
Tips on Choosing the Right Carpet for Your Living Room; Quick Guide

The living room is the social hub where you probably spend most of the time of your day. The comfort of this place brings family members together to talk, play and relax. A carpet can instantly transform the look and feel of your home by adding warmth, definition, and color. If you visit a carpet store in NYC, you will be amazed by the variations of carpet. How would you choose between a contemporary, a Persian, a handloom, or a woolen carpet?

This guide offers a comprehensive guide on choosing the best carpet option. Read on to learn how to choose the right carpet from the best NYC carpet stores.

Choosing the Right Size

A carpet should not be too small, otherwise, I would get lost in the room. In fact, it should not be too large to overwhelm the entire room. In general, the carpet must define the area where it is used.

• Firstly, you should be able to place the furniture on the borders so that one can rest the legs below the carpet.

• In case, you have two sitting areas, it is ideal to separate the space with multiple rugs.

• If you want to place the carpet below the dining table, there should be enough space to cover the area while pulling the chairs.

• In fact, half of the rug should be below the bed.


Since the living room is a high-traffic area the carpet should be durable. Apart from the stair and hallway, the family room floors it is one of the hardest uses of any floor. To make sure the carpet would stand up to ensure the wear and tear you should always go for a high-quality carpet.

Moreover, while checking NYC carpet stores you should have a quick test by bending the sample backward. A low-density carpet would crush faster. The durability of the carpet is measured in face weight, tuft twist, and density rating.

Ease of Cleaning

Since it is one of the most used rooms in the home; it's common to have spills with greater frequency in maximum areas apart from the kitchen. Having a carpet that is easy to clean would make your life easier. It is better to opt for a carpet that features a lifetime stain warranty.

Fiber Options

The choice of fiber affects both the look and durability of the carpet. The common fiber options are nylon, Triextra, polyester, and olefin. You can check the texture of the fiber by visiting the best carpet stores in NYC.

Wrapping Up

Your living room carpet should be soft, comfortable, and cozy. However, beyond its aesthetic appeal make sure to choose a carpet that offers increased durability. 

Joseph Stern
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