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What is Onboarding Software for Staffing Agencies?

Jennifer Stan
What is Onboarding Software for Staffing Agencies?

Around the world, a more significant number of jobs are created. That is leading to a high number of applications per job. Going through huge amounts of applications has resulted in an increase in the burden on the HR department. But not anymore! With onboarding software for staffing agencies, the recruitment process has become efficient as ever before.

With onboarding software, you don't need to go through resumes that do not fit your needs. Neither you need to place a call or email candidates individually. The onboarding software does it all. In simple terms, you will be hiring candidates with the help of software.

This post will cover:

  • What is onboarding software?
  • What is applicant tracking software?
  • How do staffing agencies work?
  • What are the benefits of working with staffing agencies?
  • What software do staffing agencies use?

What is Onboarding Software?

Earlier, only some people knew about the new hires. But today, with onboarding software, everyone is aware of it when a new hire enters the company. This helps in cultivating a better work environment for the latest recruitment. This is possible only when you have onboarding software.

An onboarding software for staffing agencies automates and streamlines all the necessary and tedious tasks which are done when hiring a new employee. These include:

1.  Filtering through resume applications.

2.  Creating databases for easy search.

3.  Sending emails.

4.  Scheduling meetings and calls.

5.  Decreasing distance between company and applicant.

6.  Background checks.

7.  Employee onboarding forms.

8.  Training modules.

These are only some of the functions of onboarding software. With the help of onboarding software, companies can create customized workflows that are made as per their needs. This ensures that all the necessary steps are taken before the new employee starts working in the company.

The onboarding software for staffing agencies does not restrict itself to the hiring process. It further expands its functions in areas of performance evaluation and the progress of an individual employee over time. This helps in better evaluation by employers. This can become useful when giving incentives or promotions is to be done. As the software stores all data, it helps the company in the future to create better strategies and work according to it.

Furthermore, It helps in better communication. With it, everyone is informed about the onboarding process of the new employee. Managers can easily check whether the employee has submitted the documents or whether his interview with the CEO is done. This develops a sense of teamwork as everyone plays a role in the recruitment process.

What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

Applicant Tracking System for staffing agencies takes responsibility for the initial hiring process. which involves:

1.  Filtering through thousands of applications.

2.  Creating a database and organizing information in different sections, e.g., education, etc.

3.  Automating emails.

4.  Scheduling interviews and calls.

When ats for staffing companies are integrated with other systems of HR, it allows for seamless tracking of every employee. As it creates a database, it ensures that HR can choose the applicant with the highest qualifications. ATS can also create reports from the information it stores. Those reports give the companies an overlook of what quality of applicants it has received.

Overall, we can say that AI applicant tracking software for staffing agencies automates the usual tasks involved in the hiring process. Automation helps reduce the time and effort required in the recruitment process. This allows for more time when choosing between the top applicants. ATS is an integral part of onboarding software for staffing agencies.

How Do Staffing Agencies Work?

Staffing agencies act as an intermediary between the company and an employee. Their work is to provide the company with the best people that fulfill their requirements. Usually, staffing agencies have a pool of qualified candidates who they can refer to employers. This helps in saving time and money involved in the recruitment process.

These agencies take hold of all administrative tasks such as background checks, reference checks, and contract negotiations.

Step 1

The working process of onboarding software for staffing agencies begins with the employer submitting a request to the staffing agency regarding a job posting. The agency then checks employers' requirements and job descriptions. 

Step 2

It then analyzes the potential candidates that can fit the criteria. If they do have suitable candidates, they then contact those candidates. In these steps, Application Tracking System for staffing agencies comes into work. Either they refer them or arrange an interview with the company. After the interview, the staffing agency sends the list of suitable candidates. 

Step 3

Once the company decides whom they are hiring, the staffing agency starts doing all the administrative work. If requested, they may also provide additional services such as payroll processing or new hire orientation sessions. 

By using onboarding software for staffing agencies, companies can reduce manual processes involved in this process while ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Therefore, working with onboarding software for staffing companies & agencies is smooth and hassle free. 

What are the Benefits of Working with Staffing Agencies?

It is clear that staffing agencies automate the work and take the burden of hiring new employees. As the process is automated, time, effort, and money are saved. Large corporations work with many staffing agencies today, but staffing agencies for small businesses is the new trend.

Time and money are the two most valuable resources to any small business. As any company would require new and talented staff, staffing and recruitment software can help them save the two resources.

Working with a staffing agency gives up companies' time so they can concentrate on what matters: operating their businesses. They no longer need to worry about hiring new workers or maintaining current labor rules and regulations. Companies may save overhead expenses while hiring only competent applicants that suit their needs by outsourcing recruiting services.

Hence, staffing software for small business can prove to be beneficial in the long run. As it will help in saving time and money. 

What Software Do Staffing Agencies Use?

Staffing agencies use software that facilitates the onboarding process. For this, there are mainly two types of software:

  1. ATS: Applicant Tracking System
  2. CRM: Candidate Relationship Management

So, this two staffing and recruiting software look after different sections of the hiring process. ATS’ primary purpose is to filter through applications. This allows for only valid applications to reach HR and candidate relationship management helps in maintaining a relationship with the candidates. 


Onboarding software for staffing agencies can help you in streamlining your hiring process. This will enable you to focus on other important aspects of your company. While ATS is used by many companies, onboarding software will help you in the later process of hiring candidates. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the primary purpose of an applicant tracking system?

The primary purpose of ATS is to filter through resumes and pass on only those applications which suit your needs. Also, if this is integrated with other HR systems then it can provide a seamless tracking of an employee.

How does ATS software help staffing agencies in the recruitment process?

The ATS software helps in the following:

  • Filtering resumes: With ATS software, you can filter out the best applications that reach your desk.
  • Creating databases: It helps in easy searches and keeps a record of every candidate.
  • Automating emails: This allows for sending out emails to the selected candidates.    

How do employers use Applicant Tracking System ATS?

Employers use ATS by entering the keywords related to the job post they have created. The ATS then searches for these keywords and passes only those applications with those keywords. Also, when it is integrated with onboarding software for staffing agencies it does wonders.

Which ATS is considered to be the most popular?

Pitch n Hire is considered to be the most popular ATS software. They have plans starting from $49 to $2999. The starting plan includes all the essential functions of ATS, and the enterprise plan consists of a more comprehensive package of functions.

Jennifer Stan
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