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7 Common Mistakes to Avoid During AC Installation

Bharat sharma
7 Common Mistakes to Avoid During AC Installation


Are you considering installing a new air conditioner, but finding it tough?

Don't compromise your new system's performance, safety, or lifespan by doing a subpar installation.

Although using an air conditioner may seem fairly straightforward, it is sophisticated equipment that depends on several parts to operate as intended. Therefore, even tiny errors in the AC installation can hurt how well it functions.

Here are the 7 frequent mistakes you should avoid making while installing an air conditioner.

I. Wrong Positioning of Air Conditioner

Did you know that the location of your air conditioner has a direct impact on the amount of energy it uses?

Your power expenditures will increase if you place your air conditioner in a hot, sunny location. Instead, keeping it in a shaded area keeps it cooler and reduces your operating expenses.

II. Having no prior experience

It's not easy to install an AC unit. There are many factors at play. You can later encounter significant issues if you mishandle even one part of the installation.

Because of this, you ought to completely avoid installing an AC unless you've done it in the past. Going into this project without any prior experience will inevitably backfire and end up costing you a sizable sum of money.

Let the experts handle it. The installation will be exactly what you want, and you might even get a warranty.

III. Directly Fastening Your Outdoor Unit to a Wall

A serious issue could arise if your outside unit is connected directly to your room or a spot where you frequently sit. It is well known that outdoor air conditioners generate substantial noise and vibration levels. You are essentially allowing all of that noise and disturbance to reach you by bolting the unit straight to your room.

What then should you do in its place? Ask a professional with experience installing air conditioners to utilise padding-equipped special mounts or to leave gaps that will assist reduce noise.

IV. Selecting an Incorrectly Sized AC Unit

The selection of an incorrectly sized AC unit is arguably the most frequent AC installation error. By doing this, you run the risk of seriously impairing energy efficiency and even short cycling.

Ensure an AC unit is large enough to fit your home but not too large before making a decision.

V. Inadequate insulation

Cooled air from your air conditioner might escape through holes in flooring or windows, ductwork cracks, or floor gaps. Ensure your system and home are well-insulated before installation. Your ductwork should be properly sealed with a sealant, and it should be insulated with insulating foam to cover any gaps. Keep your air conditioner from losing efficiency due to air leaks.

VI. Failure to Securely Attach or Support Your AC

For safety, it's crucial to firmly secure your outside unit. Accidents are more likely to occur when a unit is placed on an uneven surface or mounted on an unsteady wall. Always hire local, qualified air conditioning installers to guarantee accurate and secure installations.

VII. Ignoring the need to look for refrigerant leaks

The refrigerant is the AC system's lifeblood. As a result, the AC wouldn't operate as it should if the refrigerant leaked out.

Sadly, AC installations can occasionally be a bit untidy. And quite often, this might result in minor leaks and punctures. Because of this, you must check for these leaks after installing your system.

Wrap Up

Avoid these mistakes while installing your Air Conditioner. But still, if you are confused about where to start, what to do, what are the risks, etc.; so, call a Professional for your AC Services.



Bharat sharma
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