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When To Change The Door Locks

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When To Change The Door Locks

Your last line of defence against burglars and unauthorized intruders is a set of locks. Home invasions are frequent. Someone you know might break the law and enter your home. It might be a former roommate, ex-tenant, or even a split-up romantic partner. Your first line of defence in a proactive home security strategy is preventing unauthorized entry. It is why most home & business owners in Denver need a lock change service.

There are several circumstances in which you might not have total control of your locks. These might have occurred before your arrival or as a result of an occurrence that took place while you were abroad. Whatever the reason for the compromised locks, you can regain access control with one of the offered options. You'll feel more secure if you know when to update your locks. How often should you change your locks? That depends on different situations. Let's take a look at a few reasons for replacing door locks.

Moved into a new home.

Although your house is new and the builder gives you the keys to the locks on the front and back doors still there is a chance of unwanted entries. You might not be aware of the existence of extra keys with how many people. Additionally, you have no means of knowing if this key was secret or widely distributed. That could also include master keys.

Terrible invasion into the property.

Burglaries are an awful intrusion on your privacy. They may distress you emotionally. The worst-case scenario is that your locks are taken over by intruders. During break-ins, locks are also broken, making them more susceptible to subsequent forced entry. Replacing your locks is a small price to pay but it keeps your property safe.

Lost or stolen keys.

Unfortunately, the loss or stealing of keys happens far too frequently. You presume someone else has access if you lose your keys. When keys are stolen, you can be sure that thieves have them. Being locked out and having to call for someone with extra keys to come open the door is quite inconvenient. The best course of action is to change your locks right away.

You’ve completed a renovation.

Commonly, you give access to many carpenters, painters, plumbers, electricians, tile setters, and material suppliers to your home while you’re away. There is no assurance that your house keys won't be copied and given to dodgy individuals. When renovations are finished, replacing your door locks will only cost a small portion of your entire remodeling budget.

Inferior quality.

Older homes have low-quality locks and it may be a reason that sacrifice your security & savings. Burglars are discouraged by outdated, low-quality locks that are replaced with more modern, high-quality ones.

Old and worn-out locks.

Like any equipment with moving parts, locks are subject to regular wear and strain. Door locks experience wear and tear over time from constant turning and twisting. They eventually stop functioning as they should. They are simple to trick. They could be very tight or quite stiff. New locks are difficult to unlock without the proper key since they are tight and difficult to pick.


Think outside the old lock-and-key arrangement. Today, there are sophisticated security systems available in the market. A smart lock system you purchase offers you a flexible security solution. You'll be free to unwind once your door locks are replaced. Don't let time pass in vain attempts to recover your keys. Before the cost rises, replace your locks. Exceptional lock change service in Denver offers quality and reliable lock change service that are backed by comprehensive warranties. It ensures years of trouble-free security.

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