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A Complete Guide to Usage of Python in Application Development

A Complete Guide to Usage of Python in Application Development

Python is an open-source programming language widely used in data science, machine learning, web development, application development, fintech and more. Python application development is also the most sought-after service to develop web and mobile apps.

According to StackOverflow, Python is the fastest growing programming language and is the most opted programming language by developers. 

Nearly 2% of all websites in the internet use Python as a server-side programming language

Python was developed by Guido Van Rossum in the late 80’s and since then its popularity has only increased.

If you are interested in Python you would also like to know the usage of Python on web and mobile technologies. 

What is Python?

Python is a general-purpose programming language which suggests that unlike HTML, CSS and JavaScript it can also be used for other types of software development along with web development.

Python can be used for things such as:

  • Server-side web and mobile app development
  • Desktop app and software development
  • Processing big data and other mathematical calculation
  • Writing system scripts 

Python is the most sought after programming language for two reasons: the wide range of tasks it can perform and is a beginner-friendly language. Python syntax is simple which makes it easier for anyone to understand and get started.

Python application development included but not limited to web app development, mobile app development, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, wearable OS development, business intelligence and more.

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