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What is color blindness? Treatment of color blindness and prevention of color blindness

ali jen
What is color blindness? Treatment of color blindness and prevention of color blindness

People with color blindness can still see objects clearly, but their ability to perceive colors is reduced, rarely in cases of not being able to see any colors. The disease does not affect the survival or reproduction of the infected person, but the disease gene can be passed on to the next generation. It is estimated that the genetic prevalence that affects men is higher than that of women, with an estimated 8% of men and less than 1% of women having color vision problems.

Color analysis is mainly performed by cones, which are concentrated in the central fossa of the retina. When these cones lose the ability to distinguish colors, it causes color blindness or color blindness.

Color blindness treatment

Genetic color blind test cannot be cured, a patient with color blindness caused by medication or complications from another disease can be treated.

Besides treatment, today scientists have invented color filters to aid color discrimination for people with color blindness. Although this type of glasses cannot cure the disease completely, it helps patients to distinguish colors and reduces glare, making color discrimination easier.

Wearing colored contact lenses can also help with color discrimination, but colors are unnatural and can distort what you see.

In addition, it is possible to overcome color blindness by remembering the conventional position of the color as for traffic lights, which can be of some help to people with color blindness when participating in traffic on the road.

Prevention of color blindness

Currently, there is no cure for hereditary color blindness, but prenatal diagnosis can confirm the disease.

Treatment of medical diseases that can lead to color blindness such as diabetes, heart disease, glaucoma, etc.

Check your health, chromosome set before getting married to see if anyone has it, to avoid future children getting the disease.

When in contact with chemicals, eye protection must be worn.

Avoid eye and head injuries, easy to damage vision.

Do not self-medicate without a doctor's prescription.

Consult an ophthalmologist in case of abnormal vision problems.

ali jen
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