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Don't Get Caught in the Heat: Troubleshooting Faulty Capacitors and Relays

Bharat sharma
Don't Get Caught in the Heat: Troubleshooting Faulty Capacitors and Relays

You could have a jammed relay if your air conditioner won't switch on despite the fact that you've confirmed the AC has electricity from your circuit breaker. You need to call an AC repair service expert. In the sweltering heat, a jammed relay might cause your air conditioner to malfunction abruptly.  We will demonstrate how to unstick a relay on an AC unit in this article.

How Does a Relay Work in an AC Unit?

When you require chilly air, you may turn on and off your air conditioner's engine using a relay, which is a switch that manages the power flowing to it. An AC contactor or relay is used by your furnace, heat pump and central air conditioner.


The relay shuts when the air conditioner is turned on, allowing power to reach the unit.


The relay opens and breaks the circuit when the air conditioner is switched off, cutting off power to the air conditioner.


Your HVAC system's exterior unit is where you may find the relay. Depending on the type of relay and how well you've kept up with maintenance on your HVAC system, the relay plays a significant impact on the energy efficiency of your air conditioner.


The air conditioner may not turn on or may abruptly shut off if the relay becomes locked in one position because the fan and blower motor won't receive the electricity they require to function.


The major reason for electrical power issues with your HVAC system is a bad relay. Other elements, though, could be in play. For instance, the electrical control board might be malfunctioning or the blower fan could be broken. Look for the best AC repair service near me on google.

How to Unstick a Relay in Your AC

Always switch off power to the device at the circuit breaker before you begin working if you decide to take the risk of fixing your air conditioner relay yourself (which we don't advise).

Relay Cleanup

The relay contacts may become jammed if they become unclean. Dust, biological matter, and other airborne contaminants can cause relays to get filthy.


After removing the relay, use a rag and some vinegar or alcohol to carefully wipe the connections. Masking tape should be placed over the relay's wires before cleaning it to guard against damage.


Avoid covering the relay too deeply with alcohol, and completely rinse off any leftover alcohol from the relay. Before reinstalling the relay, let it completely dry.

Switch Out the Relay

You may need to replace the complete component if cleaning the relay didn't work or you find a broken thermostat wire.


You must get the precise replacement relay made for your particular machine. After receiving the replacement component, you will take out the old relay and install the new one in its place. Have your screwdriver handy afterwards since the old relay could be secured with screws.

Guidelines For Avoiding Getting Your Relay Stuck in the First Place

Use these straightforward suggestions to avoid a jammed relay in your air conditioner machine to stop a problem in its tracks.

Be Careful When Using Your Air Conditioner

Your relay will become jammed if your air conditioner is used excessively. Heat is produced while air conditioners are in use. If the relay material is exposed to too much heat, it might melt and congeal, leaving the relays trapped.

Keep The Outside Unit Tidy

You can't guarantee that no debris will get inside your outdoor unit. You may try your best to keep the space surrounding it tidy, though. Furthermore, as part of your routine HVAC maintenance schedule that you carry out twice a year or every spring and autumn, you should clean the coils in your exterior unit and replace the air filter in your HVAC system.

When You Need Air Conditioner Repair Service Specialist

A jammed relay won't automatically start functioning again. It will need to be fixed or replaced. Even though we encourage people to educate themselves about their HVAC system, if you have a stuck relay that is affecting the electricity in your house, you may want to hire a professional air conditioner repair service.  Avoid subjecting oneself to a jarring or dangerous situation.


Bharat sharma
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