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Ethical Hacker’s: Top 10 Web Application Penetration Testing Books

Ethical Hacker’s: Top 10 Web Application Penetration Testing Books

There are a lot of publications created by pros in the industry to assist newcomers as well as act as a useful reference for those ethically hacking their way into company systems. The products listed below are some of the best you might consider purchasing to improve your abilities and expertise.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Web Application Penetration Testing Books that every ethical hacker, from novice to experienced, should own.

1:- Hacking the Hacker: Learn From the Experts Who Take Down Hackers

This book is intended to serve as an introduction to the industry; concluding chapters feature a guidance for parents of young hackers, as well as the Code of Ethical Hacking to assist you in beginning your own climb to the top. This book delves deep into the area, introducing the individuals and techniques that contribute to the security of our planet. You will have the opportunity to:

Read the personal accounts of some of the world’s most recognised computer security specialists.

  • Learn how hackers accomplish what they do—no technical knowledge required.

  • Explore the world of white hat hackers to understand how important cybersecurity is.

  • Investigate social engineering, cryptography, penetration testing, network assaults, and other related topics.

2:- The Basics of Hacking and Penetration Testing: Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Made Easy

This book offers an introduction to the methods necessary to accomplish a penetration test or an ethical hack from start to finish. There is no prior hacking experience required. You will discover how to utilise and assess the findings of modern hacking tools required to carry out a penetration test.

The book takes readers through each stage and tool in a methodical, orderly fashion, assisting them in understanding how the output from each tool may be fully utilised in the subsequent phases of the penetration test.

3. Black Hat Python

. This book explains how to use Python to construct sophisticated tools such as network sniffers and keyloggers. This book even discusses how to increase privileges in Windows. However, despite the fact that this book claims to be for beginners, I would recommend that you have a basic familiarity of the Python language before beginning this book.

4. Gray Hat Hacking : 5th Edition

This book, in my opinion, is more advanced than any of the others I’ve mentioned. This book delves further into vulnerabilities and tactics like as buffer overflow attacks, ransomware, and hacking Internet of Things (IoT) networks. In addition, “Gray Hat Hacking” covers themes such as bug bounties, purple teams, and even what you need to start your own business.

5. Hacker Methodology Handbook: HMH

” This hacking book will have a significant impact on how we think, work, create technology, and live. The book discusses topics like the importance of software design, how to make money, internet startups, digital design, and so on. However, this book may be used as a fast reference guide for some of the fundamentals as well as some advanced commands that can be used in a Windows or Linux penetration test.

6. Penetration Testing – A Hands-On Introduction to Hacking

This book will teach you the skills and methodologies that every pentester needs. You’ll also learn about forcing and wordlists, as well as how to assess web programmes for flaws, automate social-engineering attacks, and get beyond antivirus security. You will discover advanced strategies, such as how to turn access to every single system into complete control of the business.

7. Hackers & Painters

This hacking book will have a significant impact on how we think, work, create technology, and live. The book discusses topics like the importance of software design, how to make money, internet startups, digital design, and so on. This book discusses the value of beauty in software design, how to generate money, the open-source movement, the programming language renaissance, digital design, and other topics.

8.Hacking: The Art of Exploitation

From the perspective of a hacker, this book will teach you the fundamentals of C programming. You’ll also discover how to go around security measures, exploit flaws, and so on. It will give a thorough understanding of network connectivity, programming, and other related topics.

9. The Hacker Playbook 3

The author concentrates on real-world campaigns and assaults, exposing you to various entry points, exploitation, bespoke malware, persistence, and lateral movement–all while avoiding detection! This book will be highly lab-based, with several Virtual Machines, testing environments, and bespoke The Hacker Playbook tools.

The primary goal of this book is to provide answers to why things are still broken. For example, with all of the numerous security solutions, secure code reviews, and penetration testing standards, how are large organisations and governments still experiencing enormous security breaches?

10. Red Team Field Manual

The RTFM includes the fundamental syntax for regularly used Linux and Windows command line tools, as well as special use cases for sophisticated programmes like Python and Windows PowerShell. The RTFM will save you time seeking difficult-to-remember Windows subtleties like Windows wmic and dsquery command line tools, important registry settings, scheduled task syntax, startup locations, and Windows scripting. It should also teach you some new red team skills.

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