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Is the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Exam Hard to Pass?

Is the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Exam Hard to Pass?

Data has been a pillar of every project and task. Data is paramount, whether in an organization or a school project. It is essential to keep data intact. The process of touching data illegally or without permission is an offense. This offense is technically known as hacking in the world of information. The CEH certification is designed to validate the skills and knowledge of individuals in identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses in computer systems and networks with the same techniques used by malicious hackers.

However, there is a way to become a certified hacker. "Certified Ethical Hacker" examination is required to become an ethical hacker or a professional hacker. The big question is whether it is easy to pass the examination. We shall discuss its aspects in this write-up.

What is the Certified Ethical Hacker Examination (CEH)? 

There are many examinations required to get jobs in the information technology field. Hacking is emerging as a practice to gain unauthorized access to someone's data. This task is generally considered illegal. However, this task can also be legal, provided it has permission from the authorities.

If one gets permission for hacking, it is known as legal or ethical hacking. CEH, or Certified Ethical Hacker, is an examination that allows one to become a certified ethical hacker. Here are some points to know about this examination:

  • It is an examination that helps to know about the current hacking scenario, knowledge of the latest tools and applications, and practical methods for hacking purposes.
  • It is one of the best examinations from the EC- Council Certifications. The aim of introducing this examination was to check whether one can look for system vulnerabilities.
  • They test whether a candidate can look out for the factors causing a lack of proficiency and dangers caused by hackers.
  • Ethical hacking is a profession that demands interference and breaking into secret and secure data systems. However, it is a respectable profession that helps the government and other authorities.
  • This knowledge benefits organizations that preserve valuable data and information through resources and packages.
  • This work is an essential part of investigations in forensic labs and other legal cases. So, it is of utmost importance to get the best results in legal proceedings with the help of lawyers and many protocols.

These points have explained the CEH examination. Researching and asking the experts to know more about this examination is essential. It is possible through using resources and surfing meaningful information on the internet. However, these points have given a concise summary of its features.

Is passing the Certified Hacker Examination (CHE) easy or hard?

Passing the CEH exam is essential to pursue jobs in the ethical hacking field. However, some methods exist to get the maximum marks in this examination. It involves steps that should be a part of your preparation plan well in advance.

This sequence of steps helps crack the examination successfully. It helps realize the methods to achieve precision and accuracy in the tests. It also brings out the best through a system of revision and practice. Some of the essential steps to qualify for this examination are here:

Be regular in the classroom

Whether one takes an offline or online medium to study, it doesn't matter. Taking a classroom or online program should be regular. There shouldn't be any inconvenience in attending these classes. It would be tough to retrieve anything missed in any session.

Updated study material 

Always make sure to have the best study material. It is essential to have access to the best sample papers, books, guides, and mock tests. These resources show the patterns of the questions asked in this examination. Besides, they also help have all the latest information in one place.

Mock tests and practice tests

What is the preparation point for failing to deliver your best in mock tests? It is essential to have access to high-quality mock tests and practice tests. It helps in covering all the essential questions. Besides, you can know what questions they commonly ask in this examination section.

Patterns and blueprint

Go to the council's official website to know the pattern they have decided for this time. It would make your problem less complicated. You can know what exactly they want from candidates. Therefore, take this step as an essential part of your preparation for the CEH examination. Going through the pattern that will revise this time should be at your fingertips.

Go through the viewpoint of the EC Council

Have a look at the viewpoint of the EC Council. It would help you in getting the inner requirement of the examination. You can stay in touch with professionals for a better experience. Also, you would experience a build-up of confidence in your preparation.

Apart from this, knowing what is required to pass this exam is necessary. This thing can get clear just with the help of knowledge of the viewpoint of the organizing council. So, ensure you have reviewed the council's viewpoint to avoid confusion and ambiguity.

It is easy to crack any examination with the help of such tips and good preparation. However, the big question is the challenging nature of the CEH examination. Here is something about cracking it:

  • The penetration test is a challenging stage that comes in this examination.
  • It is challenging for a newcomer or someone who is a complete fresher.
  • One with poor preparation wouldn't find ease in passing this examination.

So, yes, cracking the CEH examination is challenging. Although passing the CEH examination might be tough, cracking it gets easier with practice and feedback.

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The examination required to pass to become an eligible and ethical hacker is CEH. This examination is critical; thus, its pattern revision is also essential. It is possible to become a hacker with legal permission with this examination. 

The difficulty of passing an examination is dependent on the trial and effort. However, many other factors also help in passing the examination. The guidance of seniors and experienced professionals is crucial. Guidance and hard work can make passing the exam possible for anyone. Therefore, it is good to have an eye for guidance to pass the examination.

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