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Major Gallery, a website specializing in food and run verification

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During the verification process, the Major Gallery Professional Verification Team verifies the following.

1. Gather information related to the site

Organize site-related information that can be collected from Google and other search engines. In this process, we gather all the information, including whether there have been any past cases of eating and running. If there has been a fund-related accident in the past, it will be registered as an eating and running site and all related site information will be posted for users to access. 

2. Server location and IP tracking

The Meoktu site is characterized by repeated financial accidents with one server. That's why checking the server location and IP of the site is an effective way to check your history. 안전놀이터 By comparing and analyzing servers, servers with a history of accidents in the past will be registered as food and drink sites. 

3. Check the security of the site

The most important part of the Toto site operation is the security of consumer information. Since we keep a lot of key information from customers, special management is needed to prevent personal information from being leaked at all times. Major Gallery's professional eating and running verification team conducts security tests by implementing simulated hacking along with the security status of the site. 

4. Identify site operational objectives

Our major gallery's management team has experienced the Toto industry for a long time and forms various human networks. 메이저사이트 Once a new site is created, it is possible to check who the management team is and the purpose of opening the site. If you track the purpose of site operation through a human network, you can immediately filter out sites operated for impure purposes, and even if you have no history of accidents, you can register them on the list of eating and running sites to prevent damage to members. 

Meok-twi-site verification is a major gallery

Private Toto site with thorough security management

We will help you verify your eating and running so that you can trust the Toto site and use it. Toto's verification community exists for the purpose of informing members of the site in advance through accumulated data and information and preventing accidents. However, many of the verification sites currently in operation are short-sighted and confusing to members by receiving advertisements from eating and drinking sites and promoting them as if they were major sites. 

Members who find it difficult to determine whether the verification site is reliable or not are exposed to another damage of eating damage. 필리핀카지노 Major Gallery identifies the operation patterns of Meoktu sites through more than 1,000 accumulated Meoktu data and helps members use the safe Toto site Major Playground without being harmed.

메이저 갤러리
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